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Our models are available to travel to any five-star establishment worldwide, and these are most of the cities we regularly cater for. Should you wish to invite one of our first class girlfriend escorts to join you on a date, please contact us. We’re all about personal attention, and savor the chance to match you with a dream date. Our models are exclusive and fresh; we do not work with full time escorts or per-hour ladies listed in many websites. Anticipate an unforgettable, magical experience. We create beautiful connections.




The USA boasts one of the highest living standards in the free world, and is home to an expansive population of millionaires. Luxury and comfort have almost become an art, as business ventures take over the lives of those with ability and talent. As such, more than ever before, leisure time is imperative.

The high-end social escorts available in America are stunningly beautiful, confident, and accustomed to a premium lifestyle. In whichever city you seek a first class companion, Mynt Models® has a model who can make your day. And your weekend if you wish. To meet with such an elite, beautiful woman, you can find some suggestions in your nearest city below.

New York    |    Los Angeles     |    Miami    |    San Francisco    |    Seattle    |    Chicago    |    Sacramento    |    Orlando    |    Boston    |    Palm Beach    |    Portland    |    The Hamptons    |    Tampa    |    Houston    |    Dallas    |    Phoenix    |    San Antonio    |    San Diego    |    San Jose    |    Austin    |    Fort Worth    |    Washington DC    |    Baltimore    |    Tucson    |    Fresno    |    Long Beach    |    Atlanta


United Kingdom


The UK is one of the oldest and wealthiest countries in the world, but their penchant for class keeps it under wraps. Much like any old money, as opposed to the nouveau riche, there is no need to shout about or display one’s class and position. When it comes to the women, in general, they are quite polite, well mannered and easy going. At least compared to some other countries. (Of course we refer only to the educated, higher-society women, whose conduct is bred into them from a young age). What are British women like? It’s like asking what are seashells like? It really depends upon to which type you refer, from which location they come, their original heritage/ culture, their social status etc.

Overall, well-bred English women are refined, proper, delightfully haughty when it comes to correct English, and rather reserved about topics they will comfortably discuss. For example they might refer to adult topics as ‘shenanigans’, to avoid directly broaching a potentially embarrassing issue. Always understated and attempting tasteful conduct, a good British girl will be beautiful, natural, self-controlled and groomed. She will be a demure little rose with a tasteful sense of humor, and will never embarrass you in public!

London    |    Dublin




France is world-renowned for its style, class and incredibly beautiful women. That flawless complexion, limpid gaze, and incredible poise can only be that of a French woman! And Europeans are all well aware of this – considering the amount of millionaires in Paris alone, we are well acquainted with the desire of affluent gentlemen for dates with these adorable creatures. Even those of us who live locally or spend a lot of time in France, those familiar and beautiful surroundings are so much more exciting and enjoyable with a traffic-stopping woman on one’s arm.

While maintaining their natural elegance and grace, French women are entirely natural, earthy and comfortable in their own skin, something men find incredibly sexy. A man is only half a man until his beautiful date is beside him. His crowning accessory. What better way to savor the mouthwatering cuisine in the most delicious country in the world, than with a gorgeous woman beside you? The enhancement of long, sexy legs, sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile to a perfect meal is irresistible. It is said that a pleasant outlook assists the digestion… Bon appetite indeed!

Paris    |    Lyon    |    Toulouse    |    Nice    |    Marseille    |    St Tropez    |    Cannes    |    La Rochelle    |    Strasbourg    |    Nantes    |    Bordeaux    |    Montpellier    |    Rennes    |    Le Havre    |    Reims    |    Lille    |    Toulon    |    Grenoble    |    Brest    |    Dijon    |    Le Mans     |    Angers    |    Clermont-Ferrand    |    Amiens    |    Limoges    |    Nimes    |    Tours    |    Metz    |    Besançon     |    Caen    |    Mulhouse    |    Orléans    |    Perpignan    |    Rouen    |    Nancy    |    Avignon    |    Valence    |    Calais    |    Roubaix    |    Poitiers    |    Lorient    |    Ajaccio    |    Bastia    |    Châlons-en-Champagne




The Principality of Monaco is located on the beautiful French Riviera. Don’t confuse it as a part of France.. While making life wonderful for gamblers and locals who pay no income tax, Monaco offers an incredibly beautiful outlook. For the smallest country in the world, it offers sensational shine! Now why would anyone want to be luxuriating in all this glamor, without an equally glamorous model on one’s arm?

Why drive a Lamborghini with no luscious woman in the passenger seat?! Why win thousands of dollars at the casino with nobody to spend it with? The illustrious companions available to cater for gentlemen in Monaco are second to none, and well accustomed to the high life. Never fear for finding an appropriate date who will not embarrass you or be a gold digger. Mynt Models® provides only first-class girlfriends, for whom this life is natural.

Monaco    |    Monte Carlo    |    La Condamine




The women in Germany are well known for their free minds and sensual manner. Like the Swiss, punctuality matters to them. Throughout the country, there is a selection of fine, high-quality ladies who love an evening on the town with an interesting and friendly gentleman. When visiting the Deutschland, or even if you are a local, you will find extremely enjoyable company within its borders. See your nearest city below for a taste of some of the beauties available to you.

Berlin    |    Bochum    |    Bonn    |    Cologne    |    Dortmund    |    Dresden    |    Dusseldorf    |    Essen    |    Frankfurt    |    Hamburg    |    Hannover    |    Karlsruhe    |    Leipzig    |    Mainz    |     Mannheim    |    Munich    |    Nuremberg    |    Stuttgart    |    Wiesbaden




Austria is well known for it’s creative arts and financial achievements. It is also known for its beautiful scenery, and exquisite women. The Austrian women are a little more reserved in nature, and respect very a polite, gentle approach. Kiss her hand before you kiss her mouth – but never too quickly. These girls are at the height of fashion and class, and will reciprocate your polite approach with an extremely warm flame. Patience is a virtue in this country, and well rewarded.

Bregenz     |    Graz    |    Innsbruck    |    Kitzbühel    |    Klagenfurt    |    Linz    |    Salzburg    |    Vienna    |    Villach    |    Wels




The Swiss women, much like the Austrians, enjoy a somewhat formal social expectation, and will respect a gentlemanly approach. They also respect a proper address, both in German – Sie rather than du – and in French –  vous rather than tu. As you get to know her, you will enjoy the revelation of a smart and thoughtful young woman.

Punctuality, like most of Central Europe, is imperative, and she will deeply appreciate a gift of chocolates (If you can’t find phenomenal chocolate in Switzerland, then something is severely wrong!) Mountains cover three fifths of Switzerland’s area, so naturally the locals also love the beautiful outdoors. A skiing vacation will take her breath away – and she in turn will leave you behind on the slopes with her expertise!

Basel    |    Bern    |    Chur    |    Geneva    |    Lausanne    |    Lucerne    |    St Gallen    |    St Moritz    |    Winterthur    |    Zurich




Famous for diamonds, luscious cuisine and the European Union, Belgium also boasts unforgettable chocolates and women. The women in Belgium are wonderfully diverse, whether Flemish Dutch-speaking or French-speaking (or both!) Whichever, a soft and polite speech pattern is standard. Pure femininity. Behaving in a calm, self-controlled manner will earn her respect. Excellent manners are very important to people in this country.

The great thing about dating in Belgium is the food! It becomes difficult not to overindulge, even when one is accustomed to the finest food daily. The girls’ refined temperament will be evident in the way she savors her food. Be sure to match this temperament with your own.

Brussels    |    Antwerp    |    Ghent    |    Charleroi    |    Liège    |    Bruges    |    Namur    |    Leuven    |    Mons




A small, quiet, hardworking country, the Dutch are conscientious, sociable and friendly. Generally educated and well-read, the elegant beauties from the idyllic paradise of tulips, windmills and cheese are a delight with whom to spend time. The women here are interesting and well mannered, and they are reliable & predictable in their approach to life. Stable and safe in general. For wild excitement, try an Italian or a Spanish woman… The Dutch girl will always be a safe haven of comfort, TLC and stylish indulgence in reality.

Amsterdam    |    Rotterdam     |    The Hague    |    Utrecht    |    Eindhoven    |    Tilburg    |    Groningen    |    Almere    |    Breda    |    Nijmegen





Famous for style, charm and beauty, dating an Italian woman is on the wishlist of every other man. Earthy yet refined, she will appreciate a sharp style of dress, and perfect hygiene & grooming. Don’t forget the cologne.;-)  Remember the golden rule – classy not flashy. She is self assured, tactile, affectionate and physical. She loves a confident, take-charge man, but always respectful behavior. The beautiful, friendly Italian models of flawless olive complexion are usually surprising and spontaneous. These beauties are extremely passionate and lively, and always live their lives to the fullest, with great love, gratitude and feminine gusto. Excitement plus!

Milan    |    Naples    |    Turin    |    Palermo    |    Genoa    |    Bologna    |    Florence    |    Catania    |    Rome    |    Bari        Venice





Earthy, olive and alert, the Spanish women are well known for their flowing hair and sensual curves! However their aesthetics can sometimes mask a demanding or suspicious nature. Lusty and fertile, these sexy creatures are certainly in demand for men seeking fun. With strong personalities and sociable natures, time spent with a Spanish woman is definitely memorable. With a feisty side, every Spanish woman can take care of herself. But she will always behave with polite dignity in public. Two-faced? Not really, just aware of social image. Anticipate a polite yet sassy companion, who will never allow you to feel bored in her company!

Barcelona    |    Ibiza    |    Madrid    |    Mallorca     |     Marbella     |    Palma     |     Seville     |     Valencia





Economically advanced and drowning ins style and class, tiny but accomplished Luxembourg offers up a fine selection of beautiful women. As refined as the French, Lux girls are delightful. Most can speak, read & write in French, German, and Luxembourgish, effortlessly. However French is the predominant language of the elite, (inevitably), and many of the French manners & customs are adopted by the elegant and refined women of Luxembourg. Like most of elite Europe, gift giving is a common practice, and excellent manners are a must. They prefer subtlety to directness, and bluntness is just considered rude. Essentially private people, once warmed up, these ladies can surprise you immensely.

Luxembourg    |    Esch-sur-Alzette





Danish women, much like those in other Scandinavian countries, are characterized by their education, and are known to be the most contented people in the world, overall. While they don’t sport the wild sensuality of some other more hot-blooded nationalities. or the refinement of some other European countries, Danish women’s beauty is understated and tasteful. Not obsessed with makeup, clothing or fashion, they exhibit the Nordic qualities of flawless creamy complexions, and very typically blonde haired and blue eyed. Usually tall and strong, they are rarely out of shape. This is not because they are obsessed with weight, but because they are naturally active. Physical activity forms a large part of most Danish peoples’ days; bike riding is almost akin to texting on a mobile phone in the US – and this contributes to the fantastic physiques and healthful stature of their lovely females. Privacy is a priority for these people, so polite introduction is preferable to barging into their space. She may seem formal at first, but she will warm to you as you respect her and behave as a gentleman. A calm, level head is expected within this culture; one who loses control of his temper or composure easily is considered inappropriate. She will shy away from you quickly. She won’t be chatty or silent, but suitably sociable. Internationally cosmopolitan, in the most reserved and tasteful way, and they love to travel during vacation. She is accustomed to an egalitarian attitude, with equality and respect for males and females alike. She will not respond well to sexist attitudes. There is no such thing as ‘women’s work’ – but they will also pitch in with the ‘men’s work’, including contributing financially where needed. She may even feel comfortable to ask a man out. Total comfort, equality and respect – no wonder they are so contented!






Ultimately multicultural, Australian woman are a diverse group. They are also quite separated by class. The higher end of the societal ladder are generally Caucasian/ European, and possess a certain irreverent and sassy confidence that many other nationalities don’t possess. While this can be off-putting to some, others find it charming. Sport tends to be a common hobby among most Australian girls, more-so than education or personal achievement in some cases. Although the more educated, elite women tend to go for horse racing and luxury car races, than regular football events. But most Australians’ social lives consist of dining out or meeting at friends’ homes. They will be far more active when they are traveling. Of course only those of higher education or perhaps even higher minds will travel, since Australia is so far from everywhere. Some Australians are so patriotic they refuse to leave their homeland.. Shades of America.. These women expect to be respected as equals, but they are generally light-hearted and enjoy a good sense of humor. Aussie girls usually follow their culture of making fun of others as a light, fun way of communicating; playful teasing. They will usually be quite adventurous “go-getters” in life, or completely lazy. They are affectionate with everyone, friends and lovers alike. Down to earth describes them well.

Sydney    |    Melbourne    |    Perth    |    Brisbane    |    Adelaide





Canadian women are romantics, and like to be courted. They can also be quite quirky and unique. While some might compare the English Canadians globally to the USA, don’t let the Americans or the Canadians hear about it! They may be offended, as both are highly patriotic. However the French areas of Canada like to retain their French culture and consider themselves more of a French than English culture. Whichever, flowers or a small but meaningful gift will gain her respect, and they love the outdoors. Go jogging together, or picnicking, biking and skiing are also enjoyable activities for them. Romance is important to them, and they can create a wonderful evening of anticipation if you enjoy eye gazing, candlelight and flirtatious conversation.

Montréal    |    Vancouver    |    Ottawa    |    Edmonton    |    Calgary    |    Quebéc    |    Winnipeg    |    Hamilton    |    London    |    Kitchener    |    St Catharines    |    Halifax    |    Victoria    |    Windsor    |    Oshawa    |    Saskatoon    |    Regina    |    St John’s    |    Sudbury    |    Chicoutimi    |    Sherbrooke    |    Kingston    |    Trois-Rivières    |    Kelowna    |    Abbotsford    |    Saint John    |    Thunder Bay    |    Barrie     |    Sydney, NS





Asia encompasses a broad range of countries, but generally there are only a certain few where high end elite companions are in demand. While there are occasional Asian-heritage women recruited to the elite escort industry, most of the women available here are Caucasian/ European women on tour, or there temporarily on a modeling assignment etc. In general, if you are in Asia and seeking elite companionship, we can assist  you – but you will often need to bring a travel companion in from outside to join you.

However an evening or weekend of pure blissful indulgence with a beautiful woman can’t be all that bad! Leisure time is important sometimes, as a balance. Isn’t it time you took care of your own needs too..? In any case, it is indeed possible to arrange for a gorgeous, first class escort to join you in Asia whenever you are ready.

Yokohama    |    Kyoto    |    Tokyo    |    Osaka    |    Nagoya    |    Sapporo    |    Kobe    |    Kawasaki    |    Hong Kong    |    Singapore    |    Beijing    |    Shanghai    |    Kuala Lumpur    |    Busan    |    Seoul



New Zealand


The women from New Zealand are generally quite down to earth and self confident. There are, however, some beautiful and exotic looking women grown out of NZ – just look at Rachel Hunter. Some of the women who have some native blood can be stunning, with their golden skin and almond eyes. However a lot of the businessmen visiting New Zealand will prefer to fly in an elite escort from either Sydney/ Melbourne in Australia, or if they are very particular, might prefer to bring in a first class model from Europe to join them. While the country of the Kiwis is exceptionally beautiful, there are fewer highly educated women than some larger countries. But we can always source a perfect dream date to join you anywhere in the world, do not lose heart!

Auckland    |    Christchurch    |    Wellington



Middle East


While it is rare to find elite women from high end backgrounds and Middle Eastern heritage in the adult industry, it is not impossible. Due to their strong religious culture, pre-marital dating is extremely rare and often actively frowned upon. With a largely patriarchal society, women are ideally revered and protected, so casual dating is not an option for most. However living in and around these main Middle East cities are elegant Caucasian and European women who can comfortably and freely accompany sophisticated gentlemen.

Occasional a beauty of Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian etc background will also be available in the area. In discreet Western clothing, you can enjoy a wonderful, fine al fresco dinner in Winter, and an air-conditioned fine dining experience in Summer. Rest assured, if you have the time and the funds for quality, there is no five star location in the world where we can’t provide a high end, elite girlfriend companion for you.

Dubai    |    Abu Dhabi    |    Doha





Warm and connective, Turkish women have beautifully mixed looking features, with Asian and Western influence. They have a good sense of humor mostly, quick witted. They’re nurturing and gentle, friendly and loyal. Since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in the 20s, women have had equal status with men in Turkish society, at least in the eyes of the law. The position of women in Turkey is still different from what it probably is in your country. Not better or worse, just differentIn some ways, women may seem subservient to men; but Turkey had a female supreme court justice long before the USA did. Also, Turkey has had a female head of government, which even the USA still has not achieved. Male and female roles are clearly defined in Turkish society.  Independent yet appreciating a protector, Turkish girls are appealing.




Russia – Russian Republic


This section is what many of you have been waiting for. The famous reputation of the Russian women. You may even find inspiration to visit Russia after reading this section. Those of you who have already visited will know how all about the country full of beautiful women and models! Russian escorts range from the elite model to the entirely avoidable.. Let’s get to know these ladies first, as they can be put on a pedestal, or rejected unfairly.

Russian heritage is rooted in the East Slavic tribes, however they are also mixed with Nordic, Finno-Ugric and other groups, with more than a 1500 years of history. An ancient culture indeed. Overall, Russian women look similar to their European cousins, with a range of hair colors and skin colors. They generally have symmetrical, sharp features like straight noses, high cheekbones, and pointy chins which gives them that classic model look.  Many people will claim that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. If one prefers the pretty faced, long legged model type. These women are beautiful, elegant and honest. Russian women are feminine, and raised to be so.

Traditionalists at heart, they like the man to be the head of the house and the alpha leader in the relationship. That entails responsibility, and the ability to be a gentleman. But they yin-yang is incredible. Many people who say they don’t like Russian women is because they feel they are cold ‘ice queens’. But is this really true? They are simply very direct and straightforward. Which is a good thing when it comes to dating. There is no need for sweet talk or wasted time, which may seem rude to a gentleman not used to this type of honesty from women in his own country/ culture. Those girls that don’t like you will tell you very fast without being rude. But what about those who do like you? They may find it difficult to show you. However she simply likes her man to take the lead.

Give a Russian woman a chance to lead, and she will get cold and uncomfortable very quickly. Understand that most Russian men are very assertive and she’s traditional. She likes her man to be in control. Not ‘controlling’, just an Alpha who knows what he wants and takes it. She’ll be very clear when she’s not happy, don’t worry. If you don’t like Russian women, it just means you don’t know how to be a man to her or handle her. Regardless of her ‘type’, don’t try, under any circumstance, to win a drinking contest lol! Especially with vodka.

Moscow girls will be different from town girls, and from country girls. Anyone who knows Russia and Russian girls will tell you “Moscow is not Russia.” Indeed. More ladies know English, but that doesn’t always equate to quality or safety! There is so much to see besides Moscow, it’s a shame to visit only this one city when visiting the Federation.


Moscow, (Москва)    |    St. Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург)    |    Novosibirsk , (Новосибирск)    |   Ekaterinburg (Екатеринбург)    |    Nizhny Novgorod (Нижний Новгород)     |    Kazan (Казань)    |   Volgograd (Волгоград)     |   Tomsk (Томск)    |   Vladivostok  (Владивосток)