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new york city


The United States has a diverse range of elite escort services in various cities, catering to high-class clients who prioritize luxury and comfort in their leisure time. With a high standard of living and a large population of millionaires, demand for truly elite companions is on the rise. Mynt Models offers stunningly beautiful and confident models who are accustomed to a premium lifestyle, available in various cities across the country.

Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami or any other major city, Mynt Models can provide you with a high-end social escort for a day or even a weekend. These courtesans are experienced in providing top-notch service to their clients and are sure to make your leisure time unforgettable. You can find suggestions for elite companions in your nearest city below.

elite london escorts

United Kingdom

Experience the refined and demure conduct of high-class British women with London escorts. Our courtesans cater to the demand for elite companions among wealthy British clients who value understated and tasteful conduct.

British women, especially those from educated higher society, are generally polite, well-mannered, and easy-going, reflecting the Anglo-Saxon way.

Our London escorts maintain these qualities while also providing natural beauty and a demure sense of humor. With a focus on discretion and exclusivity, our courtesans will ensure that you never feel embarrassed in public. Book your London escort experience today.

elite paris escort models


The classic courtesan escort date is well-known in France, where there are beautiful and stylish women. They have high standards and can be a little fussy, but their flawless complexion and incredible poise make them desirable companions. Paris has many millionaires, and elite escort dates are popular among affluent gentlemen who want a gorgeous escort woman or elite travel companion to enjoy their business trips or vacations. Other nationality choices are also available in Paris as exclusive dinner dates.

French escorts are known for their natural elegance, grace and confidence, which men find incredibly sexy. They make the perfect companion to savor the mouthwatering cuisine in the most delicious country in the world. A beautiful date can enhance the experience of a perfect meal with her long, sexy legs, sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. Bon appetit indeed!

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Monaco is a great place to find beautiful and elite courtesan escorts, with many women seeking successful affluent gentlemen who frequent the area. The country is located on the French Riviera and is often mistaken as part of France by visitors.

The Principality of Monaco boasts a sensational selection of beautiful women, making it the perfect location for an elite girlfriend experience. High class travel companions are well accustomed to the high life and will not embarrass his gentleman. Mynt Models provides only first-class girlfriends for whom this life is natural.

elite berlin escorts


Germany provides a huge selection of elite escorts and high class companions. The women in Germany are well known for their free minds and sensual manner. And like the Swiss, punctuality matters to them. You can be sure your Frankfurt escort or Berlin courtesan will be prompt and reliable.

Throughout the country, there is a selection of fine, high-quality model ladies who love an evening in the town with an interesting and friendly gentleman. Munich escort dates and just as beautiful as Cologne escort ladies.

When visiting the Deutschland, or even if you are a local, you will find extremely enjoyable company within its borders. See your nearest city below for a taste of some of the beauties available to you.

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Austrian escorts are feminine and romantic. Austria is well known for its creative arts and financial achievements. It is also known for its beautiful scenery, and exquisite women. The Austrian women are a little more reserved in nature, and respect a very polite, gentle approach.

Even the elite courtesan will appreciate some chivalry. Kiss her hand before you kiss her mouth – but never too quickly. These elite escort girls are at the height of fashion and class, and will reciprocate your polite approach with an extremely warm flame. Patience is a virtue in this country, and well rewarded. Especially by the beautiful courtesan escorts.

high class zurich escort dates


The Swiss escort women, much like the Austrians, enjoy a somewhat formal social expectation, and will respect a gentlemanly approach. It’s part of the charm of the European courtesan. They also respect a proper address, both in German – Sie rather than du – and in French – vous rather than tu.

Elite companions in Switzerland value punctuality, proper address, and appreciate small gifts of chocolates. They are known for being smart and thoughtful, and love the outdoors, particularly skiing. A skiing vacation with a high-class escort model in Switzerland can be a memorable experience.

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Belgium is known for diamonds, cuisine, and the European Union, and also offers unforgettable escort women, who are diverse and polite in speech. The courtesan models in Belgium are fluent in both Flemish Dutch and French and appreciate a soft, polite approach.

Elite escorts in Belgium offer pure femininity. They value excellent manners and a calm demeanor from their companions. A gentlemanly approach earns their respect and allows them to provide the best companionship. Additionally, the country’s exquisite cuisine offers a fantastic opportunity for foodies, with elite companions who appreciate fine dining.

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A small, quiet, hardworking country, the Dutch escort ladies are conscientious, sociable and friendly. Generally educated and well-read, the elegant courtesan beauties from the idyllic paradise of tulips, windmills and cheese are a delight. The female companions here are interesting and well mannered, making them perfect for social escorting occasions.

They are reliable & predictable in their approach to life. Dutch ladies are known for being stable and safe in general. For wild excitement, try an Italian or a Spanish woman… The Dutch high class escort girl in the Netherlands will always be a safe haven of comfort, TLC and a stylish indulgence in reality.

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Italian escort dates are famous for style, charm and natural beauty. Dating an Italian courtesan is on the wishlist of every other man. Earthy yet refined, she appreciates a sharp sense of style and good grooming in their partners and prefers a classy rather than flashy appearance.
Italian high class escort courtesans are confident and affectionate, seeking a respectful yet confident partner. They are spontaneous, passionate, and live life with great love and gratitude.

Italian companions are known for their flawless olive complexion and love to live their lives to the fullest. Whether in Rome, Milan or another city, an Italian escort date will bring excitement and delight.

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Spanish escorts are earthy, olive skinned, demanding and alert. The courtesan women of Spain are well known for their flowing hair and sensual curves! However their aesthetics can sometimes mask a difficult or suspicious nature. Lusty and fertile, these sexy creatures are certainly in demand for men seeking fun and wild adventure.

With strong personalities and sociable natures, time spent with a Spanish companion is definitely memorable. With a feisty side, every Spanish escort model can take care of herself. But she will always behave with polite dignity in public. Two-faced?

Not really, just aware of social image. Unfeminine? Well, occasionally, but they have compensating qualities. Anticipate a polite yet sassy travel companion, who will never allow you to feel bored in her company!

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Luxembourg has a selection of beautiful escort women, though many of the dinner dates in the city are arranged with European travel companions from outside Luxembourg for a more discreet experience.

Luxembourg’s courtesan girls are similar to the French in refinement and authenticity. They are fluent in French, German, and Luxembourgish, with French being the predominant language of the elite. Gift giving and excellent manners are essential in Luxembourg, and the escorts prefer subtlety to directness. Despite being private people, once they warm up, these elegant VIP escorts can surprise clients immensely.

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Experience the understated charm of Danish escorts with our highly educated and naturally beautiful companions. Our escorts are tall, strong, and active due to their daily commitment to physical activity. While not as wild as some, they are tasteful and alluring.

Sociable but not overly chatty, our Danish escorts prefer polite and composed gentlemen. They are perfect companions for international travel, exploring new destinations during vacation. Book your Danish escort today for a calm and cosmopolitan escort experience.

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Australia offers an abundance of high-class escorts in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, including a diverse group of women, typically Caucasian or European.

These escorts are confident and irreverent with a love of sports, including horse racing and luxury car races. They expect equal treatment but have a light-hearted sense of humor, often using playful teasing in communication.

Our hand-selected, down-to-earth escorts provide an unforgettable experience that’s professional and discreet. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, contact us today to learn more..

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Experience the romance and uniqueness of Canadian Female escorts. Our high-class escorts in Canada are highly patriotic, with French areas retaining their French culture.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or an adventurous outdoor activity, our elite travel courtesans are sure to impress. Show your appreciation with small, meaningful gifts like flowers, and gain her respect.

Our escorts love outdoor activities like jogging, picnicking, biking, and skiing. And for those seeking a romantic experience, our GFE Canadian women will create a memorable evening with candlelight, eye-gazing, and flirtatious conversation. Book your unforgettable Canadian escort experience today.

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One of the world’s most requested types of high class escort, is Asian, but the category itself covers a lot of nationalities. Asia encompasses a broad range of countries, but most high-class escorts in Asia are Caucasian/European and are usually professionals on tour or temporary models. The top models and elite courtesans are typically found in the USA, UK, and Europe.

In general, if you are seeking elite companionship in Asia, we can assist you – but you will often need to bring a travel companion in from outside to join you there. Regardless, it is easy to arrange for a gorgeous, first class escort to join you in Asia whenever you’re ready.

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New Zealand

Elite escorts in New Zealand are generally quite down to earth and self confident. There are, however, some beautiful and exotic looking women grown out of NZ. Just look at beautiful Rachel Hunter. Some of the first class courtesans who have some native blood can be stunning, with their golden skin and almond eyes. It depends on what you find appealing.

However a lot of the businessmen visiting New Zealand prefer to fly in an elite escort from either Sydney or Melbourne in Australia. While the country of the Kiwis is exceptionally beautiful, there are fewer high class women than in some larger countries. Mynt Models can always source a perfect dream date to join you anywhere in the world, do not lose heart!

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Middle East

Discover elite companions with Middle Eastern heritage in the Middle East. Despite the region’s religious and patriarchal culture, our elegant Caucasian and European courtesans are available to accompany the most distinguished gentlemen.

Our courtesans provide sophisticated companionship in a discreet and respectful manner, offering a fine dining experience that is sure to impress.

With options including Lebanese, Jordanian, and Egyptian backgrounds, you can enjoy the company of educated young women who are highly valued in Middle Eastern culture. Book your elite girlfriend experience today.

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Turkish escorts have a unique blend of Asian and Western features and are warm, nurturing, and quick-witted companions. While women in Turkey have had equal status with men in the eyes of the law since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in the 1920s, the position of women in Turkish society may differ from that in other countries. Despite this, the elite courtesan instinct remains in many women.

The Turkish escorts you meet will often be very feminine and appreciate a protector, while still being independent. In fact, Turkey has had a female head of government and a female supreme court justice, making the country more progressive than some other nations in terms of gender equality. Overall, Turkish escorts offer a unique and appealing companionship experience.

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Russia – Russian Republic

The reputation of Russian women is indisputable. Russians have a mix of East Slavic, Nordic, Finno-Ugric and other heritages, with sharm and symmetrical features like straight noses, high cheekbones, and pointy chins that give them a classic model look. Many people consider them the most beautiful women in the world, and they are raised to be feminine and appreciate a man who takes charge in the relationship.

While some may label them as “ice queens,” their yin-yang energy can be incredible, and they appreciate a responsible and gentlemanly partner.

Russian escorts are direct, appreciate a man who takes the lead, and value traditional gender roles. They expect their clients to be gentlemen but will speak up if they’re unhappy. It’s important to note differences between Moscow girls, town girls, and country girls and explore beyond Moscow when visiting Russia.


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