How to Become a Professional Escort: Your Guide to Being an Elite Companion

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    Publish on July 15, 2015

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    The life of a beautiful escort at Mynt Models is full of excitement. Imagine making a living out of dating courteous and charming gentlemen who try to charm and spoil a successful and refined lady like you! 

    However, there aren’t a lot of guides online for the truly sophisticated lady dreaming of meeting well-bred gentlemen. Mynt Models has all the information you need to become a female professional escort luxury VIP companion.

    So where do you start?

    What is an escort?What does an escort do e1681283916247 How to Become a Professional Escort: Your Guide to Being an Elite Companion

    An escort is a professional companion for gentlemen seeking dating experiences with elegant, successful women. Being matched by a reputable escort introduction agency like Mynt Models ensures you only meet selected, sophisticated, and verified gentlemen. However over the years, the term ‘escort’ has been degraded to mean more explicit, by-the-hour activities, eliminating the niceties of the date.

    Our professional escorts offer great companionship and stimulating conversations to busy gentlemen. If you’re interested in learning how to be an escort, we can provide guidance and support to ensure you maintain the utmost elegance and professionalism.


    What does an escort do?

    Many people have wrong ideas about women who use their stunning looks, upbringing, warm personality, and education to their advantage. If you’re wondering how to become a high-end escort, it’s important to understand that Elite escorts are professionals who offer high-end care to the company’s clients.

    These incredible women give their time and attention to their clients in exchange for payment for their company. It’s a prestigious position to achieve, as not every woman possesses all the qualities required to cater to this caliber of gentlemen.

    The models provide various exclusive services that cater to the needs of the most discerning clients. 


    The Art of Elite-Class Escorting: How to Become a Professional Companion

    6 Ways on How to Become an Escort

    Being an elite courtesan is an art and one that does not market her for physical features only. There are endless resources on how to be a high-end professional escort for any beginner luxury-class companions online.  Discover what you should do.

    1. Research the role

    Like any opportunity, being a professional VIP escort requires specific positive characteristics and entails high-priority responsibilities. A luxury-class female providing companionship to a distinguished set of clientele requires warmth, intelligence, sophistication, and refinement as a minimum standard. Attend a finishing school for deportment and etiquette starters. 

    2. Look up the qualification requirements of an elite VIP escort

    The world of VIP companionship is a business of looks, intellect, and social grace. High up on the list of qualifications is being a natural-looking beauty, and having a superbly proportioned and very fit physique. Also coming from a sophisticated background, with a college (university) education. 

    3. Identify the responsibilities expected of you

    While each client has different preferences and needs, it’s important for any aspiring courtesan to know about the responsibilities she is expected to deliver gracefully. 

    4. Decide whether you wish to work independently or with an agency

    To ensure your safety, privacy, and security, it’s recommended to join a reputable professional escort agency instead of working independently, especially if you’re new to the industry.

    • Independent. Being an independent escort offers freedom, but also entails expenses and security risks. Negotiating fees and screening inquiries can be degrading, and remove the softness from your femininity. Transitioning to working with an agency may not be an option in the future due to their reluctance to work with previously independent women.
    • Agency. With a deluxe escort agency, you are guaranteed instant professional promotion and expensive marketing to benefit from – assuming they understand the concept of the courtesan. Selecting your agency carefully is important. Some agencies do not operate professionally/ safely or are not as selective with clients as they should be. Some offer by-the-hour work, while some arrange only proper dinner dates. 

    While some agencies offer a less attractive working environment, a quality escort agency, exclusive and high-end like Mynt Models, will afford you some level of control over your promotion, bookings, and image, and will offer full training for new people.

    5. Look for an Established, Reputable Agency

    To find a trusted escort agency, it’s essential to be thorough in your search. Mynt Models is a highly reputable luxury courtesan escort agency with an impeccable global reputation for its professionalism and security. 

    See frequently asked questions for escort work here.

    6. Make a plan. Don’t waste it by living the high life

    Be smart. Now that you have decided to explore a career in companionship and become a female professional escort, it’s time to send your application over to the company. To complete the application, professional photos, and videos should be attached.

    These images play a significant role in advertising as a VIP courtesan, even within a private members-only area, so it’s essential to ensure your images are high-quality, recent, and accurately reflect your current image. Only Claudia will have access to view the photos and videos submitted, and we never use your images without your permission.

    View the Mynt Models application form here


    Characteristics You Need to Qualify as a Luxury VIP Model Escort

    A high-quality client requires high-quality companionship. Your quality time and company especially when considering how to be a professional escort, is promoted to distinguished, courteous gentleman, and as such you should be as charming, sophisticated, and established as he.

    Characteristics You Need to Qualify as a Luxury VIP Model EscortOverall Look

    While many other factors are necessary, men are very visual. This is an industry where image is a large part of your success. It requires the magnetic allure of a beautiful face. A captivating woman needs natural beauty, a flawless complexion, a mainstream and well-suited hairstyle, and minimal or no cosmetic surgery. Tattoos are strictly prohibited for upscale clientele.

    Physique and Lifestyle

    An elite companion must be in exceptional physical condition, regardless of their shape or height. This requires maintaining a consistently nutritious diet and daily activity, without any room for eating disorders, a lazy lifestyle, or extreme partying.


    A refined courtesan is expected to possess traditional education and organic intelligence. Traditional schooling demonstrates knowledge and refinement, while organic intelligence cannot be taught in any educational institution. This combination of education and intellect is essential for a luxury-level companion.

    Breeding and Personality

    To be a compatible match for high-end clients, elite escorts must possess an attractive appearance and come from a healthy and mainstream background free from trauma associated with drugs, alcohol, abuse, and poverty issues.

    Open-minded and cheerful friendly personalities are highly sought after, as well as the ability to conduct oneself elegantly. Airs and graces seem pretentious and aren’t part of a high-end woman’s conduct. Neither is ego or rudeness to others. 

    Talent and Artistic ExpressionsStyle and Fashion e1681379051695 How to Become a Professional Escort: Your Guide to Being an Elite Companion

    To be a successful and accomplished courtesan takes more than just good looks and a charming personality. Investing in oneself by developing skills and interests in areas such as sports, music, and cooking, can make a woman more fascinating and appealing to others.

    invest in yourself by learning languages, dance, the arts, and other skills. Being able to strike up conversations with strangers and confidently perform in any situation is also important in this profession.

    Style and Fashion

    An upscale professional escort should know how to dress appropriately according to high-society standards. This means dressing elegantly and understatedly without showing too much skin. It’s important to choose tasteful colors that complement your features and wear elegant clothing and accessories that suit your shape and style. 

    Reliability and Integrity

    An elite VIP escort is a quality woman who honors her word. A professional companion should be a quintessential “cortigiana onesta”– completely honest, authentic, and honorable when it comes to her reputation.



    Things You Can Do to Facilitate a High-End Escort Career

    Not all ladies are lucky enough to naturally have these attributes with them from their childhood upbringing. However, a woman who persists and very well deserves to become a high-end escort or an elite model companion still has options to improve her chances.

    1. Attend deportment classes or finish school at a long-established educational facility, along with elocution lessons from a professional orator.
    2. Consult an image consultant for an elegant look and style, and have professional hair and makeup done. Ensure you look elegant, not ‘available’.
    3. Learn interests aligned with the wealthy such as horse-riding, tennis, skiing, swimming, art-related or learn a new language.
    4. Invest in musical talents by learning the piano, flute, and cello, taking classes on classical music, and identifying personal favorite composers.

    Once you have brought yourself to an appropriate level of refinement, it is now time to decide whether you wish to invest time and money to work as an independent courtesan for yourself, or to apply to work with an appropriate and professional high-class escort agency.



    Become A Mynt Models Elite Female Escort

    Become A Mynt Models Elite Female Escort

    Why You Should Become an Escort

    The enviable lifestyle of an elite professional escort companion can be yours. What sounds better than spending a mutually enjoyable time with a tasteful and sophisticated gentleman while being paid a fee?

    • Financial Freedom. These stunning escorts can earn a lot of money in one encounter with a gentleman just by providing warm company while having fun in the process.
    • Social Networking. Any intelligent woman of a high-society upbringing knows how important it is to know people. This is where they can benefit from a lot of free information and advice. If you’re a lady who enjoys the company of special people for a leisurely time together, then being an escort is a great option to consider.
    • The Lifestyle. Being the elite escort date of wealthy and successful gentlemen allows these women to experience the lifestyle they are accustomed to, or perhaps even a greater level of luxury she has always dreamed of.
    • The Gifts. Dating for a living is already an indulgent treat in itself, but the real treat is having the time of your life being the center of attention of generous gentlemen, who often provide further gifts and tips on top of your fee. 
    • The Travel. The life of a VIP courtesan is simply full of adventures, luxury, and excitement. Your distinguished and generous clients have the means to invite you anywhere, and your dating profession will take you around the world as a professional travel companion.


    Why Work with Mynt Models

    Established in 1991, Mynt Models has worked as a reputed and well-trusted luxury dating professional escort service for many years, with some very big names. Discover below how Mynt Models stands out from other companionship agencies.

    Accompany tasteful, private gentlemen

    Our clientele includes only the most affluent, considerate, and distinguished gentlemen looking for equally luxurious escorts to date and be introduced to. From adorable executives to fascinating VIPS and political figures, you’ll enjoy every moment. 

    Spend mutually enjoyable experiences

    Mynt Models is an exclusive, bespoke companion-matching agency that values the quality of service and the creation of beautiful connections. We prioritize perfect matchmaking magic. It’s the applicants and clients we politely decline that set us apart. 

    Be part of a pool of highly refined, professional female companions

    Mynt Models is an exclusive VIP escort agency that values selectivity and provides its elite model girlfriends with training, privacy, and discretion. The agency operates on a system of mutual honor, manners, and loyalty, treating the models like cherished family. Mynt Models guarantees proper compensation for time and companionship and ensures safety and privacy for their VIP escorts.


    what is a courtesan, discreet dating

    Becoming a Mynt Discreet International Travel Companion

    Mynt Models is a secure, established, and reputable agency that ensures the safety and privacy of our luxury-class VIP escorts. We thoroughly screen and confirm all clients, only accept appointments in luxury 5-star hotels and resorts, and focus on security for our beautiful professional escorts. We also provide our lovely ladies with details of their clients before appointments, to protect their privacy.

    Working with Mynt Models allows VIP escorts to retain their feminine charm and appeal without enduring the screening of potential clients, or putting themselves in unpleasant and unsafe situations. Interested in working with us? Join our list of beautiful models today. See the casting application here.