FAQ For Escorts

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

Requirements for Escort Work

Initially you should read through the recruitment page. You will need to be someone who maintains their fitness and health at all times, and be someone who does not damage their body with illicit drugs or excessive drinking. You should be comfortable in luxury hotels and fine restaurants (ie you should know how to conduct yourself appropriately in high society, and know which cutlery to use when dining, which glass to use, certain business protocol etc). Ideally you will have attended some deportment and finishing school, or etiquette and protocol courses. You should be able to adjust to situations quickly and converse with new people easily. You need to be open to affectionate adventures and create intimate, trusted connections with clients, as with any boyfriend. You need to be extremely friendly, well groomed, caring and reliable. You should feel comfortable with your body, be 20-35, be very classically stylish and discreet, and never discuss clients with anyone outside the agency.

No, unless you wish to upgrade your wardrobe, image or portfolio. We don’t charge any joining fees, or ask you to outlay any expenses to work with us. If there are any expenses, it may be to update your photography portfolio. Unless you have *recent*, natural-looking, high resolution commercial images which fit into the website, you may need to have a new photo-shoot done. Especially if your images have been used elsewhere, on another website. Gentlemen recognizing your images from elsewhere are unlikely to want to meet you. That will be your only potential expense. We want to help you make money, not spend it.  We may recommend some small investments in yourself, such as a new hairstyle etc, to maximize your suitability for the clients. But ultimately the choice is yours. :)

This is entirely up to you. Obviously the more you are available, the higher your income can be. But you don’t want to start feeling burned out either. Our success is a team effort, and mutual trust is important. More detail on this is offered during training. :)

Working with the Agency

Being a part of this particular agency is an achievement. The luxury courtesan escort agency Mynt Models® has a flawless international reputation as a professional and secure establishment. High end individuals like lawyers, doctors, celebrities, VIP businessmen and CEOs, even royalty, rely on us to provide absolute excellence. We receive inquiries from a large amount of clientele through word of mouth, and our return caller percentage is high.

Our success is due to our integrity, professionalism and authenticity. We are committed to providing both our quality models and our quality gentlemen with exceptional and enjoyable experiences. Mynt Models® is an internationally registered trademark, and has a renowned, prestigious reputation among the wealthy elite. This translates to you, as when clients call us, they know they’ll only be introduced to the finest, most elite women available in the world.

We encourage you to research other agencies. Just be aware that there are a lot of agencies claiming to be ‘high class’, promising big things, and then delivering mistreatment, theft and un-secured appointments in un-secured locations. Always check the reputation of the company, how long its billing company has been in existence, what fees they charge for you, and to a lesser extent, where they are positioned on search results.

The reason we say ‘to a lesser extent’, is because generally a high end company that has been established for some time has plenty of referred clients, so #1 search positions aren’t the only way they attract suitable clients. They do so by reputation. Try to speak with other ladies who have worked with them if possible. if they offer 1 or 2 hour dates, avoid. Unless you’re happy with that environment.

Generally agencies offering incall are not of the highest standard. While a lot of escort agencies copy other websites’ content, if you contact the agency, you should be able to tell from the conversation whether they really know what they’re doing or not. Big promises, demanded availability or a ‘hard sell’ are usually a red flag. There are a lot of people in the world who will try to use you. You’re a precious item and must not be taken advantage of! Working with an elite agency like Mynt Models under Claudia’s care and direction, you’re safe, protected, and do not lose your feminine appeal, by being forced to endure screening horrid phone calls or unpleasant/ unsafe situations.

Mynt Models® provides a second-to-none secure environment. Physically, we ensure your security by thoroughly screening and confirming all clients, by only accepting appointments in luxury 5 star hotels and resorts, (or regular callers’ five star homes), and by providing security staff to assist you where needed (which is never needed). We are also available by phone at all times when you are at an appointment. We don’t forget about your when you’re booked, and Claudia is on call 24/7 for her ladies whenever they are on a trip. You’re never alone.

Reputation-wise, we ensure your security by fiercely protecting your identity and images forever. When you stop working with us, your details are destroyed. We don’t keep records of emails or images, and we NEVER disclose your identity to any single person outside of the agency. Your privacy is important to us, and we protect it carefully. We have worked with some very big names over the years, both models and clients alike; no exposure has ever occurred with us, and never will. We believe in karma, and have no interest in causing anyone harm.


Any reputable escort agency or introduction company will always meet their people personally, to discuss certain points and assess other things. Even more so at an elite courtesan level. As a member of our family team, we like to build some rapport and make sure we are comfortable working together. This way we can create a foundation for a harmonious and successful affiliation. Once we understand your preferences and strengths, we will be in a position to perfectly match you with suitable clients. Mutual respect begins with regular contact. How can we promote your qualities if we don’t know you? Regular and frequent contact is encouraged.

Claudia likes to meet with all her staff in person. Mynt Models® has offices all over the USA, Europe, and Oceania. (London, Paris, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne.) Generally Claudia will interview you on Skype initially. She will then arrange a discreet second interview in your nearest city at some point during her travels, at a five star hotel coffee lounge or luxury cafe, to get to know you privately over a beverage. This way you can enjoy a leisurely chat and have any questions answered.

To maintain the sophistication and quality of the website, and to offer our private members maximum benefit, we do require your professional images, digital images/ selfies, and video to be provided. We can recommend local photographers with whom models have worked previously, or if your existing images are suitable, we will happily use them for your private profile. Images should ideally be updated at least every six to twelve months (or if you make any changes to your image.) Images and video footage are only available to approved members of Mynt Models, never to the general public.

You can choose whether you show your face or not, but we generally recommend keeping your identity private. You cannot be photographed with a celebrity or VIP at an event, if you are a known online model and companion… Discretion is everything to our clientele.


The client pays for the entire appointment. Your time is what you are charging for, so he pays for your transport to him, the time you are together on your date, and your transport home. Travel time itself is not covered, just the travel expenses. However considering the lucrative payment you are receiving for your time, the travel time is a small investment. Always give if you expect to receive. ;)

Certainly not – you never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. But who would say no to a free five star international vacation – paid?! ;)  Indeed if you’re studying, travel companion appointments can be out of the question during semesters. But if you have any personal reasons, visa issues or fear of flying etc, you’ll never be pressured to accept international bookings. There are so many other models who will be thrilled to accept the booking in your place. :)

We don’t really work that way.. Our dates are intended to be intermittent, not frequent. Your workload can fluctuate though, depending on the market. When things are flowing, the amount of appointments you accept is entirely up to you, really. The more available you are, the more you adhere to our training and high standards for yourself, then the more bookings and repeat dates you will receive.

Having said that, we don’t cater for ladies who wish to be “busy”. We provide elite connections between high quality individuals. Most well-bred ladies choose to be courtesans/ companions as opposed to by-the-hour escorts, because they prefer to meet less people, and enjoy a more fresh, ‘real date’ experience at a higher fee, than to be exposed to too many brief, meaningless encounters. We can discuss your preferences and options during our initial interview.

However our gentlemen really seek a fresh and authentic lady with whom to create an authentic temporary connection, so someone who is meeting man after man every day, is unlikely to retain her femininity and freshness, and will end up becoming quite robotic or ‘professional’.

Nobody enjoys being with anyone too experienced, whose company keeps reminding him that he is paying for her time.. Our aim is for them to forget they’ve paid, your date is so enjoyable and wonderful.


Your privacy is just as important to us as our clients’ privacy. You will have details of your client before an appointment, so if you know someone and don’t wish to meet them in an introductory capacity, you will not be required to attend the appointment. All measures are taken to protect you, and we teach you all the ways to protect yourself also, in the training. We have never had any models discovered working in this industry through our fault, since 1991.

By all means, if you OR the gentleman are not comfortable together, and do not feel chemistry, we would prefer you politely decline the booking, than provide and endure a mediocre experience. This eats away at your integrity and your freshness, and also cheats the gentleman of time he could be spending with someone who actually enjoys his company. However most of our clients are so lovely, this is a rare situation that should never arise. We are pretty good at matchmaking ;)

All your appointments will begin with meeting the gentleman at his luxury 5 star hotel or resort, or occasionally at an agreed high quality restaurant or event. We only conduct business with clients who have a verified reservation in top, renowned hotels in major cities. The agency caters exclusively for the affluent, respectful gentleman; If he cannot afford a luxury hotel room for himself, then he certainly cannot afford your company. This policy ensures a mutually comfortable and hygienic atmosphere in which to meet, and provides neutral ground for you to both feel comfortable. From there you can discreetly and privately arrange payment, then you are free to attend dinner or a social event together.