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Bordeaux, on the Garonne River, is known affectionately as ‘La perle d’Aquitaine’ (Which translates as ‘The Pearl of Aquitaine’). Bordeaux is most famous for its wine industry – in fact it may not be overstating to call this city and region the capital of the wine making industry in France – perhaps the world! As luscious and sensuous as the fine wines produced here, so are the women.

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Breathtaking Attractions to Date with Your VIP Companion in Bordeaux
The Grosse Cloche Clock in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has an incredible history that continues today. The wine making int this historical city has been produced in the Aquitaine region since the 8th century! That’s a lot of vino… In fact, these parts of the city are on the UNESCO world heritage list, for its 18th-century architecture. Of course, the city offers far more than just the history and industry of incredible wine. Some of the must-see attractions of Bordeaux, France include:

  • Grand Theatre de Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux Cathedral
  • Musee d’Aquitaine
  • Tour-Pey-Berland
  • Place de la Bourse
  • Pont de Pierre
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux
  • Basilica of St. Michael, Bordeaux
  • Jardin Botanique, Bordeaux
  • Church of the Holy Cross Bordeaux
Place De la Bourse
Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is relatively warm overall; summers are hotter than typical Oceanic climates, and winters are milder – hence the sensational grape and wine production! It could probably be classed as Mediterranean, but for the exceptional amount of precipitation. At least the summers here are long! Click here to find all the latest time and weather information you need right now.


To stay up to date on all the latest city information, we recommend again the ’20minutes’ paper. or for local news in English, try TheFrenchPaper, or The Local, until you have grasped the beautiful French language.

Opéra National de Bordeaux

Wine making and vineyards, obviously, make up a massive amount of the region’s economy. Tourism, especially to the wine region, makes up the next major contribution. Import and export are also popular given the Gironde port. If you are interested in entering the economy in the Gironde region, or perhaps interested in moving your office or a branch to Bordeaux, a good place to start is your local embassy in France or the local Mayor’s offices. There, you can find out all about business licenses, permits, payments and more.

The 5-star Hotels in Bordeaux
Place Gambetta in Bordeaux

Bordeaux hotels are among the most beautiful in France, given the architecture and history of the buildings themselves. With wonderful quality European service and their proximity to the gorgeous city and its sensational wine making industries, there is nowhere finer to enjoy a sip than in Bordeaux. And we recommend the beautiful Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux. To view other hotel options, visit Expedia or other travel sites. The Five Star Alliance may have something that suits your needs. And Trip Advisor offers millions of personal reviews, which can help you in making your decision in choosing a Hotel.

Just to whet your appetite, watch the video presentation of the wonderful Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux, France:

Bordeaux Nightlife

High Class Escort BordeauxAfter a full day of wine-tasting (and perhaps some wine-drinking!) what is one to do for nightlife to unwind?

If all you’ve done is to taste and buy, then a good fine meal, and perhaps a lovely nightcap with some of that lovely wine would be just what the doctor ordered.

On the other hand, if you have over-indulged during your wine tour, a more relaxed evening of light cafe dining and a gentle stroll back to the hotel may be better suited to your evening.

Whatever you decide, take your beautiful Mynt Models® date along with you, to really enjoy the experience so much more.

Trip Advisor should also offer endless reviews on places you’d like further information about.

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