Bianca Inez


Vital Statistics

Age: 27

Height: 5’4”

Physique: 32DD, 23, 34


About Bianca

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Well traveled, beautiful Bianca is an absolute sweetheart. She did her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering. Her goal is to transition to working online so she can travel more. Active and curious even as a young girl, she was always involved in many sports. She has certainly blossomed into a stunning and feminine beauty since then!

Bianca still loves the outdoors, so the beach, hiking, & outdoor activities feature heavily in her lifestyle. She also enjoys indulging in a little luxury as a contrast, enjoying fine restaurants and dressing up beautifully. Her deepest peace comes from being in nature, though. This vivacious beauty admires respectful people, those who are non-judgemental and empathic, understanding of others’ situations, thereby showing kindness where necessary.

She also enjoys spending time with people who are original, entertaining, and with good character & ethics. Bianca’s tastes in cuisine run to the Mediterranean; Italian and seafood. Petite but very fit, her beautiful hair cascades around her sparkling doe-eyes.

She loves intelligent conversation on almost any topic, and can switch from intellectual to playful in a matter of minutes. You’ll never be bored with this spontaneous, communicative stunner. Very eclectic in her style, she loves classic elegance, and always looks beautiful. She lifts at the gym 4-5x a week, and does cardio 2-3x a week. Bianca eats very healthily, most often cooking at home.

Very sociable, but definitely not a party type, she loves to attend glamorous events, and twice a week will indulge in dinner with the girls. A contemporary and fresh-minded beauty, she prefers jazz over classical music, and loves to meet new people. Beautiful inside and out, with a golden tan, Bianca is a sweet kitten. Contact us now to invite this quite irresistible flower to a special dinner!

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