Naomi Crenshaw


Vital Statistics

Age: 27 yrs
Physiqur: 34″ C natural, 25″, 35″ (82 – 61 – 85)
Height: 5′ 9″ (179cm)


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About Naomi

An extremely sweet, reflective and thoughtful beauty, Naomi’s creative flair and loving heart have made her one of those ladies who quickly builds a loyal clientele. Her long legs and slender model’s physique doesn’t hurt the situation – who wouldn’t want to have this angel sitting across the table at dinner? Well traveled and very well read, this intelligent and lady-like Sweetheart will make your evening or weekend magical indeed.

When you want the sparkling conversation, genuine heart and warm connection of a true girlfriend experience, it’s very difficult to forego the chance to meet the beautiful Naomi. Confident yet feminine, this tastefully presented Angel may steal your heart. Certainly she’ll steal your attention. Naomi is a Members-only model. Please contact us to settle a Membership to view more images.

Background & Heritage

Naomi is an sweet girl, with a well bred heritage. She is extremely well mannered and poised, both socially and in person. She enjoys a close family bond, and travels extensively for her work. Her education is impressive, and her responsible manner has seen her entrusted with many important professional positions.

Naomi is a kind, caring person who accepts people as they are. Racism and arrogance are never to be found in this young woman’s aura. Love is the essence of her energy, and this is part of the loveliness that is Naomi. Considerate, polite and a wonderful international travel companion, this positive, light hearted Sweetheart will captivate you easily with her authenticity.

Hobbies & Leisure

With a love of food, Naomi will be a grateful attendee to any fine dining plans you have in mind. Her love of Europe means Italian and French cuisines appeal to her greatly, but she also enjoys Lebanese, Asian and other ethnic foods. She’s very active, and enjoys the outdoors immensely.

Naomi loves sight seeing – another point which makes her a superb business assistant and travel companion. Very direct, loyal and high quality, you can expect to enjoy a very special experience with this beautiful, well rounded enigma. Contact us now to book some time with this unforgettable model.

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