Lauren Stewart


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York and Washington DC


Vital Statistics

Age: 30

Height: 165cm (5’7”)

Physique: 34D, 25, 36


About Lauren

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This pretty ray of sunshine is the perfect girl next door. Cheerful, easy conversations with beautiful blue-eyed model Lauren are just the beginning. Confident, outgoing yet calm and level-headed, her sense of humor is delightful. Intelligent and also enjoying deeper conversations, Lauren is artistic and creative. Her love of interiors is leading her goals towards the property market. She achieved a degree in a related field, so that’s probably a good way to use her skills!

Originally from the Midwest, Lauren is the typical courteous, respectful type. Straightforward, simple and kind, she’s a true American sweetheart. She’s relocated to NYC and having a wonderful time, with more modeling work than ever. Currently modeling most of the time, she likes to keep fit. She runs, lifts weights, does pilates and dances! (Non-erotic dancing of course; she’s been dancing since she was young.) Lauren likes to stay active to maintain her beautiful slender physique and firm curves.

Friendly and amicable, she appreciates honest people. As an only child, she’s accustomed to the best, and appreciates fine, classic styles. Sociable, but selectively so, Lauren is fantastic company and is a cosmopolitan, well traveled woman. She’s considerate and polite, with a confident, independent energy. Very passionate about life, she’s ambitious but not at all cold. She enjoys the ballet and absolutely loves meeting new people.

A good listener, Lauren enjoys home comforts as much as going out to exciting events. Food, luxury, and good company appeal to her. She’s not a ‘party girl’, but a nester, making your time with her truly connective and unforgettable. Vibrant and lots of fun, you’ll be left floating on air after she departs. Contact us now to invite this sparkling beauty to brighten your day or weekend.

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