Yasmin Ivanova


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich, Paris and Rome


Vital Statistics

Age: 25 yrs
Measurements: 34″ B natural, 25″, 34″ (88-62-89)
Height: 5′ 10″ (180cm)
Weight: 54kg (119lb)


About Yasmin

Beautiful, adorable runway/ haute couture model Yasmin is thankfully as gorgeous inside as she is outside! An all-natural beauty with her impressive leggy looks, sometimes her lovely heart and intelligence are overlooked. With an accomplished, established career and status, she has a large social media following and is only rising higher.

Educated and polite, she is warm, caring and attentive to others. Far more than just a pretty face. Her slender, super-leggy physique and pronounced femininity only enhance her beauty, and her positive, cheerful energy is irresistible. Elegant and always perfectly groomed, Yasmin is a great listener. While she’s very level-headed, she has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys meeting new people. She’s very polite, discreet and engaging- the perfect dinner date. Please contact us to view more images.



With Russian heritage (country, not Moscow), she’s blessed with the genes for a model. Having lived between Russia and Italy as a child, friendly Yasmin recalls a happy childhood, and is still close with her family. She was quite protected as a child, and encouraged to read, study and be a good person. Working with Mynt Models gives her a few pockets of excitement throughout the year, to break up her more serious modeling commitments – which she also loves. Ambition and kindness were two very important values with which Yasmin was raised, and she lives with a delightful blend of career goals and enjoyment of life.



Yasmin respects loyalty and honesty, from others and herself. She enjoys time alone, but is an inherently social creature – usually the life of the party with her incredible legs, sense of humor and witty mind. Friendly and eager to contribute to conversations, she speaks 3 languages and is working on her 4th. A very thoughtful and observant young lady, she can be quite free-thinking at times. Sports plays a large part in her life; she is always active and likes to be outdoors as lot. Fascinating company, Yasmin plans to continue modeling, but also has plans further down the road to perhaps move into opening her own company.



Yoga and running are Yasmin’s favorite ways to keep fit, but any healthy activity appeals to her. She enjoys spending time with friends, and socializing in general, though tastefully of course. She’s certainly not a ‘party animal’! Otherwise she loves absorbing new knowledge, and traveling. She enjoys being near the water, and shopping excites her. New cultures and cuisines bring her alive, and she finds new experiences enriching. Sweet and caring, expect to be thoroughly captivated by this angel’s wonderful company. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this special model.


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