Clare Santos


Vital Statistics

Age: 22

Height: 5’6” (170cm)

Physique: 34, 25, 34


About Clare

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Lovely model and entrepreneur Clare is a flawless beauty with Italian heritage. Traveling frequently throughout Europe and USA, she is multi lingual, and fascinating company. Her cheerful, open personality makes her easy to talk to and enjoy life with. Young but well rounded, she’s far from boring.

Background & Skills

Raised in historical Roma, Clare attended wonderful Swiss schooling for her education, hence her fluent French tongue, as well as her elegant charm! From a warm, close family that encourages life experience, Clare found traveling irresistible, and hasn’t stopped.

Never one to sit still for too long, active Clare loves meeting new people and is inspired by new adventures and cultures. With a youthful passion for life and a spontaneous nature, she brings bright, sunshiny energy with her everywhere she goes.

Education & Hobbies

With a degree from a prestigious UK university, Clare is also fascinated by investment knowledge, and is interested in the tech world also. Not just a pretty face! She’s also interested in fashion, and would love to open her own fashion line. To calm her adventurous spirit, she enjoys working out at the gym, and practices regular Yoga and Pilates.

Active in skiing, swimming and horseback riding, with a love of fine dining, this well-rounded sweetheart is a delight. Contact us now to invite lovely Clare to dinner.

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