Kyrra Pestoni


Vital Statistics

Age: 20

Height: 5’9”

Physique: 36D, 25, 34


About Kyrra

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This pretty blue-eyed brunette is mature-minded, well traveled and well spoken. Very polite, she was raised in beautiful Hawaii. Rather resembling a siren mermaid, Kyrra’s long brunette hair, olive skin, and dreamy ocean blue eyes are irresistible.

Modeling and studying for her degree, she’s confident and cheerful, with a sociable and friendly nature. Very poised and well versed in social etiquette, she’s elegant, leggy and slim. Kyrra was recently contracted to a bigger model agency, and is enjoying the excitement of that.

From a large family, she was born in the USA, and had a really fun childhood. She loves the beach due to her childhood Hawaiian home. Kyrra respects loyalty in others, and appreciates caring people. Positive energy & a cheerful nature resonate with her.

She’s a great conversationalist and listener. She’s traveled a lot, most of her life. Her energy for life is revitalizing and intoxicating. Her favorite foods are Italian cuisine, and wholesome home cooked food.

Kyrra loves fashion of course, and is very up to date on trends and the latest designer collections. While she understands several languages, she only speaks English fluently. Fitness is a big part of her life. She is athletic and enjoys all manner of high energy activities, including yoga, Pilates, skiing, swimming, and team sports.

A multi-faceted beauty, this sweetie is open minded and aware. Certainly not a party type, Kyrra enjoys catching up with the girls at a lovely restaurant. Espresso martini and cocktails appeal to her more than traditional wines. A contemporary young woman, she enjoys shows more than operas or symphonies, and enjoys jazz music more than classical.

With sleepy, sexy kitty-eyes, she appreciates discretion and getting to know new people. Her long legs, slim physique and, fresh, caring, light-hearted nature make her an ideal date for a fun time full of laughter. Contact us now to invite this gracious, friendy model to dinner or on vacation.

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