Natalia Hardt


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Boston, chicago, Dallas, Houston, malibu, Miami, New York and Washington DC


Vital Statistics

Age: 25

Height: 5’5”

Physique: 34D, 25, 35


About Natalia

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What an amazing woman. Natalia is a lovely sunny blonde who spends most of her time in Florida. Intelligent and always neatly presented, she’s beautifully dressed and groomed. This lovely lady likes to make others feel special, and appreciates kindness and loyalty. With a traditional childhood, her upbringing was a disciplined, religious one. She now appreciates the value that has bought to her life.

Educated, well spoken and confident, she is aware of others and considerate of them. Natalia has a masters degree in Biotechnology, and did her undergraduate degree in biology. She also has a very creative, artistic side, and loves to paint. She dreams of opening her own art gallery one day to be ensconced in the beauty of creations & emotions on canvas and in sculpted form.

With a bright & cheerful smile, Natalia loves Thai & Italian cuisines, and also enjoys a good steak. She’s not too picky, but enjoys fine dining in general. Her sea-green eyes hide a depth of ideas, thoughts, emotions, and wise advice. Natalia often finds herself counselling those in need. She can be calm or spontaneous, outgoing or gentle, intellectual or funny; she seems to adapt to any environment appropriately, making her a perfect companion for almost every occasion.

She enjoys classic fashion designs and also elegant evening looks. She understands a few European languages, though doesn’t speak any fluently. However her love of travel has her very open minded about learning some! She’s very sportive and active, and likes to keeps fit with gym, swimming and Pilates.

Natalia’s slightly mysterious, multi-faceted nature makes her intriguing and interesting, especially once you start getting into deeper conversations. Let this fascinating mermaid carry you off into an escape from reality. A beginner at skiing, with a little horse riding experience & polo, she enjoys wine tastings, and would love a trip to Napa with someone special.

Her friendly, soft energy makes her very feminine, and her giving nature means she loves pampering – also being spoiled herself! Natalia likes open communication, and is enjoying learning more about self value and connecting with others. Very slender and natural, her poised elegance and fresh American sweetness will appeal to the gentlemen seeking a friendly, caring companion and a romantic atmosphere.

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