Vanessa Halston


Vital Statistics

Age: 28

Height: 5’8

Physique: 34“ 26” 37“


About Vanessa

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Vanessa is a dynamic, positive-energy artist, with a caring, compassionate nature. She loves connecting with people, and adores both fun and meaningful conversations. She loves to see others happy and laughing. She’s intellectual without being boring or haughty, and is drawn to things that fascinate her and stimulate her mind.

Her bachelor degree in marketing has been followed by lots of travel. With travel and culture being high on her list of enjoyments, she has lived in Europe and speaks a second language fluently. Keeping fit with plenty of Yoga, Pilates & running, this high energy fun-lover is very focused on health and fitness.

Her love of nature leads her to lots of outdoor activities, and has led her to adopt a plant-based eating lifestyle. Don’t worry, she’s not the self-righteous or preachy type! Vanessa loves the ocean, and her kind heart means she adores animals. She has a heart of gold. While Vanessa is against violence, cruelty and mean people, she loves warm encounters and a meeting of the minds.

Vanessa owns her own produce company, and always blends in to any situation. She is definitely a very memorable companion! Contact us now to meet this starshine angel.

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