Renee Nilsson


Vital Statistics

Age: 28 yrs

Height: 5′ 8″ (173cm)

Physique: 34″ C natural, 25″, 36″ (85-66-92)


About Renee

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This adorable, feminine Swedish beauty is porcelain-flawless. Her sweet and friendly nature means she is always smiling and cheerful. She’s conversational without being too chatty, and as another one of our many working fashion models, her slender, long legged figure will appeal to those who appreciate the model look.

While Renee is a commercial model, she has her sights on acting and building community benefits. Her warm, generous soul and kindness is usually the first thing people notice, after getting past her porcelain beauty. She’s always perfectly groomed and immaculate.

Well traveled and eager for more, her soft feminine voice and beautiful bright blue eyes full of promise are irresistible. She truly lights up a room. Open minded and compassionate, she’s glamorous but discreet, and can also be comfortable casual. Genuine and appealing on many levels, Renee is the perfect getaway-companion, and is as sweet as pie.


Background & Personality

Renee’s Swedish heritage has given her the creamy complexion that compliments her light blue eyes. Her naturally full lips are always a feature as she speaks. Her natural curves and long slim legs are another welcome feature of her Swedish ancestry. She is a natural blonde, and currently colors her hair darker for her modeling.

A light-hearted girl, she’s pragmatic yet exciting, with her curious mind and interesting views on things. Never boring, this breath of fresh air loves to look beautiful, and works hard at the gym to maintain her fitness and energy levels. Poised and elegant, Renee is a true lady.
Ambitions & Hobbies

With a successful career on the side of her modeling, which she prefers to keep private, this talented beauty loves to get to know people and embark on exciting adventures to new places. She absolutely loves to travel, and fashion is a passion of course, as with almost every model.

She’s independent, ambitious, but not harsh or greedy. She is open to the universe to bring her all that’s required to help her grow and achieve her potential. Absolutely charming company, Renee is a sweet angel, waiting to meet you. Please contact us to invite this beauty to dinner or a weekend away.

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