Vivienne Haddid


Vital Statistics

Age: Mid 20’s
Measurements: 34″ B natural, 24″, 35″ (88-64-90)
Height: 5′ 7″ (172cm)
Weight: 56kg (122lbs)


About Vivienne

This serene, absolutely gracious beauty will captivate you, mind and heart. With an adventurous, ambitious yet humble soul, Vivienne is always seeking new horizons and experiences. Her motto – ‘why take the easy road when there is a difficult one?’ Hmm, interesting concept. Always fascinated by new topics, her studies have covered many different fields, and as a fervent lover of knowledge, books are her passion. Despite being multi-lingual and well traveled, this sweet, kind, caring young woman also has a gentle feminine energy. A wonderful paradox of energies, this angel is intriguing to say the least. Please contact us to view more images.



With Swiss-Arabic heritage, lovely Vivienne has a beautiful accent and that flawless golden complexion. French is her mother tongue; she speaks 4 languages and understands a 5th. She was raised to pay attention to her fitness and knowledge, and she therefore enjoys yoga, gym and swimming, as well as learning. Natural remedies are her favorite way of healing and enhancing herself. Her massage skills are second to none! Raised in a well-to-do family, Vivienne is accustomed to luxury and comfort, with her favorite location on board a yacht, surrounded by the ocean and privacy. She also enjoys hiking, sight seeing in a big city, and of course, shopping. She enjoys connecting with warm, sensitive gentlemen, who understand the meaning of connection. Brave and beautiful, Vivienne is definitely a model worth meeting if you enjoy a meeting of the minds, with visual appeal!


Education & Personality

With several degrees, as mentioned Vivienne enjoys learning and exploring many aspects of life. Whether the topic is luxury vehicles, philosophy or business, she has dallied in it! She loves old French literature, and the meanings inside philosophy books, and much more. Her conversation can be as fascinatingly deep or lightly fun as is required, depending upon with whim she;’s speaking. Full of interesting anecdotes and with a great skill for listening, not just with her ears but with her heart, this young lady will sense you and understand you quickly. She truly cares about others and is interested in them. She believes everyone has some value to contribute, some interesting part of themselves to submit to the experience.



Fitness and health have been mentioned, along with natural remedies and reading/ learning. Travel is obvious, and luxury has also been mentioned. Did we mention food..? Oh yes, with French food on one side and Arabic food on the other, she had little choice than to be a ‘foodie’. And savor her cuisines she does. Always sensibly. Given her belief in foods being able to heal one, it’s understood most of her food choices are healthy. Naturopathy is a hobby, and water is her true love. She even refers to herself as a mermaid, such is her love of the ocean and swimming. Slightly reserved about her personal life at first, as she gets to know you she will open like a flower and you will see the enchanting and captivating nature of this lovely exotic beauty. Contact us now to arrange an appointment to meet lovely Vivienne.

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