Sia Schiffer


Vital Statistics

Age: 26
Measurements: 34″ C natural, 25″, 35″ (92-65-94)
Height: 5′ 7″ (167cm)


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About Sia

Gentle yet warm hearted, elegant Sia is a beautiful example of the GFE escort in Zurich. Available worldwide, her lithe, golden physique is captivating in a bikini! Calm, reliable, affectionate and caring, Sia has lovely features & a fun, slightly shy sense of humor. Ever so cute and adorable, yet very refined, this very languid, serene beauty will be intently focused on you, seeking a beautiful connection.

Sia is a great listener and provides a truly TLC atmosphere. Amicable, curious, thoughtful and kind, your time with Sia will be interesting to day the least. You know what they say about the quiet ones ; )  Not to say she can’t carry a conversation; Sia is wonderful company, she simply enjoys absorbing more than talking about herself. : )



Born and raised near Germany, refined Sia traveled extensively with her family. She enjoyed traveling immensely and continues to pursue it at every chance. From a very close family, Sia has been exposed to many different aspects of life, and her curious nature means she is always absorbing new information and bringing positive energy.

Sia respects honesty and respect, as she offers these things to others. A truly European companion, Sia appreciates luxury and quality, achieving these things in everything she does.


Education & Personality

A bit of a home body, Sia enjoys being out and about, however she’s most comfortable with intimate talks in a dimly lit restaurant, or snuggling with a hot chocolate in a cozy bed. Feminine, graceful and genuinely interested in you, she enjoys meeting intelligent new people.

Between modeling and study, she makes time to meet the occasional cultured gentleman. With lovely manners and a kind nature. Sia is a very sweet and endearing companion, who warms to you as she becomes more familiar.


Hobbies & Leisure

Multi-lingual, Sia enjoys keeping fit, shopping, traveling and eating carefully. Mediterranean is her favorite cuisine. Captivating in a totally non-threatening way, Sia is a wonderfully gentle and calming influence, in a hectic, stressful world.

Unwind with this beauty on your yacht, on a tropical island, in your luxury hotel or at a romantic restaurant. What a wonderful way to escape the pressures of life for awhile! Contact us now to arrange an invitation to this purely elegant, leggy and mysterious cherub.

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