Ava Barone


Vital Statistics

Age: 24

Height: 172cm (5’7”)

Physique: 32B, 25, 34


About Ava

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This all-natural, intelligent, and beautiful commercial model is a great dinner date and travel companion. Refined and well-bred, she’s absolutely lovely, and mature-minded. Ava loves Italian and Thai cuisines; she loves how food brings people together.

Ava also loves to travel. She’s confident and outgoing, and enjoys exploring new flavors, new cultures, and new ideas. She’s warm, level headed and extremely comforting company, sporting a good sense of humor!

Ava loves to keep fit, via gym & tennis. Skiing is also a passion, as well as swimming in the ocean. She prefers the ocean to pools.

A practical and organized woman, she’s sensible, attentive to detail, and smart. Selective with what she’s exposed to, she chooses quality people, environments, fashion and lifestyle. She’s not a perfectionist, but has high standards.

Ava’s warm comforting voice is soothing, and her presence is both calming and revitalizing at once. She adores dining in many different fine restaurants, but never goes to clubs or such. Such environments aren’t usually a popular choice for our kind of models!

Ava enjoys fine wines; she has decent knowledge of wines, but isn’t a connoisseur as she doesn’t drink often enough. Well rounded with an appreciation for the classics, she also enjoys the opera.

Highly discreet and respectful, her level headed, kind nature ensures you always feel safe and considered. A very appealing and secure energy surrounds this beauty. She’s enchanting.

Ava is a perfect choice for an exclusive dinner date or a peaceful, luxury vacation. With her olive skinned perfection, she takes very good care of herself and is always immaculately presented.

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