Emilia Panau


Vital Statistics

Age: early 20s

Height: 5’9”

Physique: 34C, 24, 34


About Emilia

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Gorgeous Emilia is ambitious yet considerate, and a ray of sunshine. Don’t let her youth fool you, she’s quite mature minded and grounded. Intelligent, educated and focused on success, her warm, confident, fun nature makes her the perfect solution to a dreary evening or vacation!

From a close, strong European family, Emilia’s modeling career is just beginning. She has traveled the world and loves exploring new adventures. She is an interesting conversationalist, with plenty of ideas to share. It’s not difficult to connect mentally with Emilia.

Her love of animals and curious nature quickly show her warm-hearted nature. With warm, loving eyes and a genuine energy, you’ll find yourself captivated by this incredible woman. She’s not easily flustered, so she makes an ideal travel companion.

Emilia values integrity and authenticity, and she’s not judgemental, so you can be completely yourself with her. She’s very accepting and kind, and loves to get to know people. She really enjoys a light-hearted, fun evening of laughter and warm connection.

She loves all kinds of food and will definitely appreciate fine dining where she can wear her most beautiful outfits. Contact us today to be introduced to this stunning, unforgettable beauty.


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