Stephanie Florenz


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Berlin, dublin, glasgow, London, Paris and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 28

Height: 5’7” (170 cm)

Physique: 32C, 24, 34


About Stephanie

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This gorgeous, kind commercial model with Italian heritage is the cutest doll, with the warmest heart. Outgoing and friendly, she is always extremely polite and perfectly presented at all times. She appreciates luxury, comfort and quality, so her presentation and grooming is always elegant and immaculate. She also has a great sense of humor, with twinkling eyes when she smiles.

As a well traveled beauty, enchanting Stephanie still adores traveling and meeting new, interesting people. She’s energetic at times, and other times she’s very happy to just hang out, nibbling on something delicious. She loves good food, and while she’s not overly fussy, she’ll really appreciate a fine restaurant. Nothing pretentious, but very good flavors! Quality matters, especially when it comes to food.

Stephanie always likes to be spontaneous, and is interested in new adventures, new conversations, new flavors. Smart and humorous, she has a very warm, relaxed nature, and is extremely caring and loving – she really knows how to pamper you and make you feel special.

With her gorgeous almond eyes, olive skin and perfect, busty physique, this immaculate and stunning Angel should not be missed. She’s easy going and positive, cheerful all the time. She dislikes injustice or lack of manners, but she loves animals, especially baby ones. She’s a sweet, wholesome kitten, with a heart of gold and a bewitching allure. As long as she’s happy, your world will be glowing with golden warmth.

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