Melissa Van Baron


Vital Statistics

Age: 27

Height: 5′ 9″

Physique: 36D, 26, 37


About Melissa

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Beautiful commercial fashion model Melissa is a covergirl, star of the Next Top Model TV show in her native land, and was a participant in the Miss Top Model of the world competition.

Sweet Melissa was raised in a little village, living the wholesome life. Because of this, she loves animals and has a relaxed, positive nature. She’s changed a lot since moving to the big city, buy you can see in her warmth and authenticity that she’s a lovely country girl at heart. Observant and curious, she’s a thoughtful and intelligent young lady who started modeling at 15.

She studied for her degree in marketing and communications, and opened her own beauty company. Ambitious indeed! Melissa loves horse riding, and is a religious gym-junkie. Keeping that beautiful body in shape is a priority. She enjoys fine dining, and is always learning a new language.

She enjoys summer activities in Mykonos and Ibiza, but also enjoys a cozy night by the fire on a ski trip, or a relaxed dinner with a special person. Her immaculate presentation is always a priority, so she is always perfectly attired with perfect hair and makeup. However she can also happily look fresh and natural on a tropical vacation.

Her goals are simply to be healthy and happy, and she enjoys bringing some of that positive energy to make others happy too. What a golden ray of sunshine. Invite Melissa for dinner to enjoy her charming conversation, as well as the view of those incredible curves and long legs. Contact us to see Melissa’s profile and invite her to dinner.

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