Gemma Cartova


Vital Statistics

Age: 27 yrs
Measurements: 32″ D natural, 24″, 35″ (80-60-86)
Height: 5′ 9″ (176cm)


About Gemma

Adorable!! If you’re interested in meeting an elegant, leggy commercial and print model / TV presenter, then this delightful model-escort is your dream come true.

From the upper echelons of European society, and having spent substantial time living and studying in New York City and Los Angeles, she is educated and stylish, and is now transitioning from modeling and fashion merchandising, into her beloved acting and presenting – with great success thus far.

With a warm and generous nature, she spends a lot of her time on charity, with great compassion for others. Confident yet feminine, fascinating and gorgeous, Gemma is the perfect dinner date for any occasion with her elegance and poise.


Lovely Gemma has Nordic and Russian origins, and was educated in Europe and the USA, having lived for some time in NYC. She’s now based between family in Moscow, Vienna and New York, available as your private travel companion worldwide. She’s very sporty and active, and is close with her family.

Her energetic attitude doesn’t overshadow her refined demeanor, and her intelligent sense of humor is intoxicating. Imagine a dinner date with someone whose sparkling eyes captivate you. Her pretty face smiling, all natural physique clothed appealingly, those mischievous eyes twinkling with glee – it’s quite enjoyable!

Hobbies & Leisure

Gemma is a loving soul, so animals and people in need will pull at her heart strings. Her other hobby, apart from fitness and dancing, is fashion. From her modeling life so far, she has been fascinated by fashion in all its many forms. Her next venture is into TV and media, in which she already enjoys much success.

Gemma has a lovely voice, is obviously multi-lingual, and while she’s well traveled, she always wants to travel more! With her luscious long golden locks and beautiful dewy complexion, you can be forgiven for drooling just a tad when you first meet fresh, leggy bombshell Gemma. What a lovely view!


Gemma’s warm, beautiful blue eyes will greet you first, with her smooth voice and elegant composure instantly putting you at ease. Given her big loving heart and generous,caring affections, you can expect a truly captivating evening.

Ambitious yet giving, she appreciates people like her – interesting, kind, pleasant and aroused by beautiful things. A lovely, delightful angel is Gemma. Smart, level headed, playful – she’s the ideal date for all occasions, if you like a leggy blonde sweetie. Contact us now to book some time with this sweetheart.

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