Vivienne Cole


Vital Statistics

Age: 35

Height: 5’8”

Physique: 32D natural, 24, 34


About Vivienne

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Feminine Vivienne is a warm, friendly Californian-blonde fashion model. Lithe and fair with an ethereal beauty, she is an intelligent, curious woman who loves the beach. She spends a lot of time in Hawaii, but has traveled extensively. Very slender and fit, she has a gorgeous all-over tan, and is health-conscious.

Having been a fashion model most of her life, she is now moving into management. Vivienne’s poise is impeccable, and her long legs and confident gait show off her stable, independent spirit.

Her sea-green eyes are expressive and kind, and she loves new adventures. She’s organized and efficient, with common sense. These skills make her an excellent choice as a travel companion! Independent and intelligent, she’s a high achiever. Her graduate studies were in biology, and she enjoys the world of anatomy. She’s very well mannered and well spoken, and a great listener.

Vivienne enjoyed an active, fun childhood. A true Californian sweetheart, Vivienne appreciates honesty, kindness and people with interesting stories and life experiences. She enjoys trying different types of food and makes for an interesting dinner companion. Her soft, sweet smile is appealing, and she maintains her very active lifestyle with lots of sporty activity.

Earthy, organised and quite level headed, she’s sociable and highly suited to social occasions. Vivienne can ski & swim, and prefers white wine to red on the rare occasions she decides to enjoy a glass or two. She enjoys classical music as well as modern styles, and is really great with people. She’s amicable and versatile, blending into any situation.

Vivienne is very attentive and caring, and can also lead the conversation where necessary. She has many different sides to her nature, allowing her to be fun and playful, as well as serious, sensual or sporty, depending on the situation. Vivienne adores meeting other successful people and creates a very beautiful connection. Contact us now to invite this slender, sunny American beauty on an enchanting dinner date.

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