Lira Novik


Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jordan and Middle East


Vital Statistics

Age: 25

Height: 5’7” (175cm)

Physique: 34, 24, 36 (90-62-95)


About Lira

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A smart and beautiful model and businesswoman, confident Lira is a charismatic and memorable companion who loves to laugh. Open minded and feminine, she’s the ultimate romantic, with a joyful heart.
Background & Skills

Raised in a wealthy Eastern European family, Lira’s childhood involved plenty of travel and adventure with her parents. She studied in multiple countries, and was exposed to many different cultures. This exciting life experience no doubt contributed to her free spirit, though she is naturally a bit of a flower child.

Despite that, she’s very quick-minded, never vague. She’s instinctive and spontaneous, quite sweet actually. Seemingly very womanly and poised, she balances that with her authentic, spur of the moment ideas and playful energy.


Personality & Hobbies

A calm and sensuous young woman, Lira is a fresh, serene, fun loving goddess. She maintains a high vibration, positive energy space, and has the natural, cool air of someone who doesn’t have to try, but is naturally amazing :)  She loves to feel free and keep things light and bright, connecting with her deep eyes and warm smile. Beautifully proportioned, she has a degree in international business.

She has an interest in property, and already owns several apartments. Her goal over the next 10 years is to grow her property portfolio as she winds down her modeling. Staying active and fit, caring Lira enjoys going to the gym and practicing Martial Arts. She also enjoys horse riding and fine dining.

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