Vital Statistics

Age: 35

Height: 5’8″

Physique: 32B, 24, 35


About Karolyna

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A golden beauty, commercial and runway model Karolyna is a US resident, with Russian heritage. Extremely warm and responsive, she loves to smile and bring joy to others. Highly educated and well rounded, Karolyna is extremely well traveled and refined.

With a creative soul, she still models extensively, and also heads her own production company, plus runs a holistic health company! She believes deeply in holistic healing, yoga and energy. She finds great satisfaction in helping others achieve their ultimate goals. Her generous, giving heart is an asset to anyone who knows her.

From a good and close family, Karolyna has deep loyalty and integrity. She is committed to fitness and well-being in general, and never stops practicing her beloved Yoga. Partly for fitness and flexibility, and partly for the spiritual connection and self-development. It certainly helps with her modeling also, where she makes awkward positions look good!

While of course she appreciates success, her pure heart is more focused on quality experiences. Extremely loving, generous of spirit and giving, she works hard to see others succeed. Making others happy makes her happy. What an angel she is.

Analytical and intelligent, yet very romantic, Karolyna is perfect for intimate dinners, and peaceful vacations where a beautiful connection is imperative.

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