Chantelle Williams

Red Diamond

Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Brussels, dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, glasgow, Hamburg, London, Munich, Paris, Roma, Rome, Stuttgart and Zurich


Vital Statistics

Age: 25

Height: 5’9″

Physique: 32B, 24, 34


About Chantelle

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An established fashion model, Chantelle is based in Paris, available worldwide. She is slender, leggy and freshly beautiful with an edgy girl-next-door look. She’s outgoing and confident, yet very feminine and sensitive to her surroundings. She’s a thoughtful and smart girl with a cute smile and a cheerful disposition.

Very fit and naturally slender, she’s a warm, friendly and funny young lady, whose kind heart and good energy endear her to others quickly. She has a very natural girl-next-door look, and is a perfect choice as a travel companion.

Raised in Western Europe, she’s well educated and very well traveled, absolutely delightful company. She looks gorgeous at all times, either first thing in the morning with zero makeup, or glamorized on the red carpet. This leggy beauty isn’t a social media type, nor a huge selfie-taker. Her work speaks for itself. Contact us now to meet this slender angel.

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