Penelope Eklund

Red Diamond

Vital Statistics

Age: 27 yrs
Measurements: 34″ C natural, 24″, 35″ (89-62-91)
Height: 5′ 10″ (182cm)


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About Penelope

A stunningly fresh and naturally beautiful young model & actress, her shiny dark-blonde hair and green eyes, along with her flawless complexion and long legs, comprise a vision indeed. Fit and slim with perfectly proportioned curves, this accomplished model is also intelligent and well rounded. Positive and diplomatic, she is feminine yet strong, with an inner confidence that maintains her ultimate desire to succeed. She is warm, friendly, open and caring, with a very pragmatic outlook. Extremely well traveled, Penelope seems wiser than her years, and will provide fascinating conversation with the right gentleman. She enjoys sharing ideas and listening to intelligent people tell interesting stories. She’s fascinated by life stories and history of success etc. She also greatly enjoys traveling, so lots of conversations about international cities and locations will likely be on the cards at some point. Despite her great success, she is rather humble, although she does have an innate regal presence which makes one want to respect her wishes. A passionate, outgoing person will certainly enjoy his time with this enchanting beauty.



Of Swedish and Ukrainian heritage, Penelope has lived briefly in parts of Eastern Europe as a young child, and spent most of her life in France. Raised in a loving and affluent family, she has been well educated to include piano, gymnastics, swimming, cooking and more. A wonderful companion for any occasion, Penelope’s manners are impeccable and she maintains her grooming at all times. Her fascination with art and history have led her to continue her studies in the area, despite a fairly demanding modeling schedule. With intellectual, successful parents, Penelope enjoys mental stimulation, hence her enjoyment of intelligent people with interesting stories. She deeply appreciates achievement and is always interested in how people got to where they are in life. Because of her upbringing, she enjoys staying active and fit. Most of her activity is based on walking, obviously, given her location! Penelope is comfortable in luxury surroundings, and while she will never be discourteous or turn her nose up at more relaxed surroundings; picnics and cookouts can be fun, she is definitely in preference of comfort! Penelope deeply appreciates respect, and both requires and provides it at all times.


Education & Personality

From the South of France, Penelope ventured up to Paris to continue her studies. She is pursuing her Masters degree in fine arts, and is definitely a studious and mature minded young lady. You certainly won’t find her in a nightclub every weekend. Why party pointlessly when she could be learning something new, or experiencing a new location? Energetic and excited about life, in a most refined and tasteful manner, Penelope is not boisterous or inappropriate in any way. She always conducts herself beautifully and graciously, and is considerate of others as well as herself. She has a lovely smile which is slightly shy at first, then lights the room. Her fresh face beauty and charm are certainty not only skin deep. Penelope plans to continue her education, and while continuing modeling, she has goals of moving into the art world.



Penelope’s hobbies are mostly mentioned above – keeping fit, meeting interesting people who stimulate her mind, art, (both fine and contemporary), business, modeling, travel, and luxury. She also loves her family and visits them often. If you seek an active buddy to go to the snow with, or on a tropical holiday better yet (Penelope is definitely in preference of Summer to Winter temperatures), you will find Pene most appropriate. Need an elegant angel for an important dinner or event? Penelope’s poise and manners will see her sail through the occasion seamlessly as your girlfriend/ fiance/ assistant. While she certainly does enjoy being appropriately appreciated and pampered, she is also capable of providing immensely enjoyable attentions herself. Contact us now for more images, and to arrange a meeting with this exciting, beautiful young woman.

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