Ava Basu

Red Diamond

Some Suggested Cities to Visit

Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC


Vital Statistics

Age: 29 yrs
Physique: 32″ C , 24″, 34″ (84C–60–86)
Height: 5′ 8″ (170cm)


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About Ava

What an angel this sweet and endearing young lady is! Intelligent, warm, funny, accomplished – she has it all. A successful model and actress, she’s super fit and flawlessly presented. Ava’s excellent upbringing has polished her with beautiful manners. Her loving soul is all her own. Well traveled and attentive, her caring nature and positive attitude make her a perfect companion and friend. A superb choice; this must be to what they refer when they use the term ‘first class’. Refined, warm, humble and authentic.


Background & Ambitions

Ivy League educated, this gorgeous USA-based beauty is adorable. Please contact us for more information, we’ll omit a lot here for her privacy. Suffice it to say she is breathtaking, inside and out. Her ambitions include continuing to advance her career, and caring for those around her. With a close family and supportive social circle, Ava is well loved, and it’s well deserved! A stunning addition to the evening, dinner with Ava will not be soon forgotten.


Hobbies & Leisure

Obviously focused mainly on her modeling and acting career for the time being, Ava loves to stay active, and enjoys outdoor activities as well as the gym. Her upbeat and cheerful nature means she is always interested in a great conversation or to share a joke. She is aware of her great blessings in life and is entirely grateful and kind at all times. A very, very special young lady, Ava could be the woman of your dreams. Level headed, extremely organized and very caring, Ava is already a huge star in our eyes. Highly recommended. Contact us now to discuss inviting gorgeous Ava to meet you.



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