Samantha Karlsson

Red Diamond

Vital Statistics

Age: 32 yrs
Measurements: 34″ D gel enhanced 24″, 34″ (81-63-84)
Height: 5′ 6″ (165cm)


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About Samantha

Feminine and adorable, with incredibly beautiful eyes, lovely enchanting British-Swedish Samantha is the epitome of the ideal girlfriend experience escort from Los Angeles. She is sweet and kind, with a wonderful sense of humor. Her stunning beauty and blonde locks are rather alluring also. Ambitious and hard working, yet warm and loving, she’s elegant and confident in everything she does. A talented actress and model from the UK, her company is extremely enjoyable.

Having won award after award in her modeling career, she was recommended to try her hand at acting. Hence her move to LA! She’s acted in movies and a TV series, and also tried producing. She has a beauty product company also. Cheerful, friendly and amicable, coupled with her immaculate blonde beauty, your time with easy going, busty Samantha will be lots of fun and rather memorable. A most enchanting and delightful companion indeed.



Born and raised in the UK with British and Swedish roots, this cosmopolitan city girl has traveled a little, but is always at home in any international city. She loves LA for its sunny climate and health-focused society. Samantha loves to travel, and wants to indulge in more, whenever she has time! As long as her little puppy is happy. To bring a sparkle to her already smiling pretty face, invite her somewhere gorgeous to spoil each other. Her ambitious nature lends itself to other areas of her life also. She is exceptionally passionate about her hobbies, loved ones and desires in life.


Education & Personality

With a lovely wholesome, small village childhood, this beauty has an idyllic upbringing with pretty gardens and horse-riding, river swimming and butterfly-chasing. Her education includes a degree in English and communications, and further study into drama of course. With wide-eyed faith in the universe, this gorgeous model’s energy is extra-positive.

She was discovered at a very young age and has since been featured in many magazines and advertisements over the years, (Teen magazines, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and FHM among many others.) However her career really took off when she entered the Miss Universe contest and was a runner up. Samantha loves meeting new people, and is an open, forgiving and loving soul. A captivating sweetheart. Her manners and poise are impeccable, and while she enjoys and appreciates luxurious surroundings, she has a rather relaxed nature.



The positive and cheerful beauty Samantha is very active, with lots of energy. Her enthusiasm for life and future goals is intoxicating, and you’ll find yourself energized and revitalized after time with Samantha. She spends a lot of time at the gym, practicing Yoga and enjoying all manner of workouts, which make her feel good. She enjoys sushi, and light, healthy foods. She’s very focused on health & wellness. She also spends some of her time doing charity, which is a testament to her beautiful heart.

Writing is also an enjoyable hobby for her; she writes her own screenplays and scripts too! Samantha is at home in the sunshine on board your yacht, in a tropical paradise, or snuggled up in a ski chalet. What location do you want to whisk her away to, where you can create your own magic wonderland together?  She loves fashion and fine dining. Horse-riding is also one of her favorite activities. Contact us now to invite this exciting, beautiful angel to dinner.

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