Premium Escorts in Ajaccio

Ajaccio embraces visitors with its lovely sparkling waters. The city is located west of the coast of Corsica, and southeast of Marseille. The shores on the gulf of Ajaccio are lovely, and perfect for a vacation with a gorgeous someone.

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Excellent and Breathtaking Attractions in Ajaccio to Date with Your Lovely Lady Partner

Ajaccio is not particularly large, and is best known as Napoleon’s birthplace. The sparkling harbor and citadel walls are impressive, and a statue of Napoleon proudly dominates the Place Foch.  Old Ajaccio is definitely worth the visit, for its absolute authenticity and quaint little streets. Sadly, the citadel is still occupied by the French Army. As such, it is an impossibility to arrange a visit. Some of the must-see attractions of this little city include:

  • Ajaccio Cathedral Corsica
  • Torra Di a Parata in Ajaccio
  • Hotel Sofitel Golfe d Ajaccio Thalassa Sea and Spa
  • Musee Fesch
  • Casa Buonaparte
  • Scandola Nature Reserve
  • Calanques de Piana
  • Stade Francois Coty
  • Lac de Tolla
  • Maison Bonaparte
  • Place Foch
  • Place de Gaulle
  • Musee A Bandera d’Ajaccio
  • Place d’Austerlitz
  • National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence
Ajaccio Cathedral Corsica

The scenic view of the sea is always perfect if complemented by a Mediterranean climate, which is what this lovely city enjoys. You can’t get enough sun and enjoyment of the warmth of the water. So whether you’re here to go diving, or just get a good tan with sunbathing, the weather of Ajaccio is perfect for you and your date. Click this link if you want to know the day-to-day weather of the city.


The Corse-Matin will be your source of news while you’re in the city. Local English newspaper versions are also available. Carve out a little private spot for yourself on the sea, and read up on the latest.


The city’s economy and much of its employment is based in the service sector. However it is slowly becoming a larger tourist destination for people who are attracted to its historical treasures. It also appeals to tourists, both French and international, due to its convenient and beautiful location as an ideal vacation spot. Business in Ajaccio will soon be focused more and more on catering for this demographic, as well as food and agriculture in general, as the city grows and demand increases. If you are interested in getting in on ground level, this is one of those opportunities for future generation benefits. A tourist-beneficial business or a farm of some kind would no doubt reap future benefits – in which case you should check with the Mayor’s offices on permits, restrictions etc. Then go looking for your location and start-up plan!

Hotels in Ajaccio are Lovely for Meeting Elite Escorts
Hotel Sofitel Golfe d'Ajaccio Thalassa Sea & Spa

As the city improves its reputation as a tourist destination, there are now a higher number of 5 star and 4 star hotels in Ajaccio. One of the hotels that we can definitely suggest and verify is the Hotel Sofitel Golfe d Ajaccio Thalassa Sea and Spa. This five star Ajaccio hotel provides a wonderful atmosphere and location, with excellent golf facilities to boot. Perched on the rocks of the Ajaccio bay, you can enjoy the perfect view of the sun and the sea. And every outdoor dinner date will be incredibly memorable. But if you have other ideas in mind, you can check Trip Advisor and see the local hotels reviewed by other tourists. Or perhaps the Five Star Alliance may have a different option for you. Please enjoy this lovely view of the hotel, in lieu of a suitable promotional video we would prefer to provide you. ;)

Ajaccio Nightlife

High Class Escort in AjaccioNightlife in Ajaccio is usually fairly quiet, and mostly consists of relaxed dining at one of the many restaurants or cafes dotted around the town and resorts. Not really a destination for wild parties, the city offers a peaceful and stress-free environment for those seeking time to chill, or time in each other’s arms, focused on romance!

There are a few local bars, but nothing too exciting (as yet!)  For a more sociable few post-dinner beverages, the nearby larger towns may have a lovely bar to suit you. There you can enjoy some local wine and a little chat with the locals, or your beautiful date.

Your evenings in Ajaccio will bring deep contentment, if you enjoy self-reflection and time to recharge the batteries, surrounded by beauty. Indeed you will have beauty abundant if you bring your feminine Mynt Models travel companion along with you.

Trip Advisor offers a multitude of reviews that will give you some pointers as to where to visit at night, so you might want to see what they have to offer also.

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