Making Appointments

Making and keeping appointmentsAppointments are one of the things that define a company in the escort dating industry. A general escort agency will have a large number of full-time escort ladies on call, to provide for last-minute meetings. An elite introduction agency will only offer upscale escort ladies and travel companions who pursue all the career and opportunities that life affords them. As such, their schedules are not wide open, and they are available by appointment only. Mynt Models® operates on the latter pattern.


The kind of clientele for whom we cater are generally refined and high-end businessmen or VIPs; in our experience their lives are quite well organized. They take their leisure time as seriously as their business time, and they schedule all their engagements, including their dating and entertainments. :)  These are affluent, successful men who work hard, and like to spoil themselves. Not that they schedule every single detail of a vacation for example, but they are on a vague mental itinerary at all times. Organization is just part of successful business.

Like everything in their lives, they seek out the best, and they indulge in style. This is a very different situation to the gentleman who simply feels lonely that night and decides to call for some company. The upmarket VIP clientele will plan the evening to be something beautiful. Obviously if he is arranging a travel companion booking, this requires even more lead time. Preparation time allows things to go super-smoothly. Ideally. ;)


It is true that most of these high-end gentlemen book someone for the evening or the weekend, as opposed to a brief dinner date, in order to truly savor his personal time. However whether he is an extremely busy man and only has an occasional evening free for a quick dinner-til-breakfast date, or whether he is taking the week or weekend off to relax with a beautiful woman, they will always ensure the model and the date is booked well in advance, at the time when he knows he will be free. This allows him to meet the woman he wants to meet. He may re-schedule occasionally, but appointments are part of his daily life. One cannot run multinational corporations or even one company and its employees efficiently, without being organized. ;)


As mentioned above, our models are also accomplished, VIP caliber individuals in their own right. They are also generally running to some kind of schedule. A successful commercial model has regular shoots and castings, cabin crew run to a very tight schedule, professional businesswomen and other professionals are all unavailable at some point.

Whether captivated by their business and career engagements, or with personally enriching activities; music lessons, dance classes, gym, friends, travel, shows, having beauty treatments, reading, working on some project. Even the committed college academics are studying and enhancing their lives with investments in themselves. So their leisure time with you needs to be arranged when she has a window. And she thoroughly enjoys that chance to escape every day life and float away with you!


As such, considering the caliber of high-quality people we are working with, appointments are absolutely necessary. You can make a reservation, and the model who agrees to accept your date makes herself available for you. She will book a hairdresser and makeup artist at her own expense, and plan an afternoon of beauty and grooming, so she is physically and mentally prepared & refined, to meet with you for a mutually enjoyable and magical engagement. There are very few models at this level who are available without notice, although occasionally it can occur if one of her regular callers happens to need her for a last-minute business dinner or such.


In any case, hopefully this outlines what “Appointment Only’ entails, and will allow our potential new clients to conduct themselves with that in mind.Take advantage of our well-kept scheduling, to ensure your date is always ready for you when you require her on your arm. :)


To add a further note, it’s very often about respect also. One makes appointments to meet with most other professionals, respecting their time and expertise. You probably appreciate and respect business people making appointments with you, and perhaps even appreciate friends booking time with you, not just calling you and saying ‘I want to see you for lunch in 20 minutes’. We all ruin our lives to some kind of schedule and all have commitments; time is more often than not rather short for the successful individual, and things need to be planned wherever possible. If you’re the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, who just goes with the flow and follows his whims, it’s unlikely you’ll be the kind of caller for whom we can cater. A gentleman will always defer to a lady’s preference within reason, and our ladies prefer a proper invitation to a date. Given her quality, we think this is a reasonable request, and most of our gentlemen have no problem honoring that; in fact most of them prefer it! ;)