Fashion Week Model Escort Dates


Meet a celebrity escort at Mynt ModelsFashion week is an exciting time in the modeling industry, and when it comes to your town, expect to see beautiful women everywhere. All the top models and aspiring commercial models descend on the city to achieve as much as they can towards their modeling careers. They will usually be booked for multiple shows and events, and will be trying to make as many contacts as possible to achieve higher exposure within the industry – with the right people!


Between Fashion Week shows and events, the models will often have an evening free and will thoroughly enjoy meeting an interesting gentleman for a lovely dinner date. Whether she’s from another city, another country, or a true local, she will always appreciate a little company. And when the successful and generous gentleman appreciates her, it’s a perfect match! While she is stunningly beautiful and in great demand for Fashion Week, models can sometimes be quite lonely. Always on the road traveling for work, often intimidating to many men, regardless of how sweet and lovely she is. Others are actively rude to her, thinking she is ‘stuck up’, which she rarely is. So to be invited to dinner on an elegant date is often just as exciting for her as it is for you!


If you watch the runway shows at Fashion Weeks around the world and wonder how you can ever get close enough to invite one of these gorgeous creatures on a date, relax – now you can. Please contact us for a list of models who may be available in your town, or able to visit you there. There’s not need to endure mediocre dates when you could be getting to know a flawless, beautiful and long legged super model! Don’t hesitate, experience this incredible feeling of dating an international Fashion Week supermodel.