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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

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The Escorts

Unquestionably. We are very selective and are experienced matchmakers. :)  While everyone has their own idea of ‘the perfect woman’, we know the art of Listening, and of attention to detail. And once we ascertain your preferences and needs, we’re usually extremely confident of introducing suitable high end escort  models for you to select from. We know the true meaning of ‘high end’.

For those who are feeling unsure, due to previous unpleasant experiences with other agencies, we offer our 100% guarantee of quality to put your mind at ease. You also have the option of requesting an invitation to membership.

You don’t need to be a member to make an invitation to one of our beauties. We can arrange for your initial invitation to be secured via email consultation. Once you’re assured of the kind of fresh, natural beauties we offer, you will understand the quality with which we provide you.

Again, without question. We carefully screen and get to know each beautiful woman who successfully applies to be available with us. Once we have selected a lady to be listed with us, (about 1 out of every 50 interviews), she goes through a recruitment process, allowing us to build a rapport and relationship with her. Her authentic photos and information are then made available for suitably matched gentlemen.

No, all our elegant ladies enjoy their discreet liaisons with you as a fun, exciting side-adventure to their regular lives. Most of the beauties are working on their accomplished careers (modeling, acting, performer, flight attendant, other professional positions or artistic pursuits). Alternatively, they’re continuing their advanced academic studies. Rest assured all the Mynt Models® singles you’ll be introduced to are fresh and genuinely alluring ‘real women’. We ensure they’re aware of all our gentlemen’s expectations for etiquette and intelligence, but her persona is all her own. We Don’t provide full time or by-the-hour escort girls.

Almost all the callers and models with whom we deal have confidentiality issues. Privacy is paramount. Very few of our gentlemen want to meet a woman whose face is all over the internet. The model can hardly be photographed with a celebrity or attend a high-profile televised event with a political figure if she is a known companion.

Similarly, the ladies have families, successful careers and futures to consider. These aren’t general ‘escorts’, but genuinely elite, upmarket young ladies of class and breeding. They too cannot be seen to be available on a companion website, due to the incorrectly preconceived ideas in some social circles. Europe is very small, socially! And Zurich, Geneva, Basel and other international cities in which our model escorts are based, are even smaller…

As such, discretion and privacy are #1 priorities for everyone with whom we have contact. Rather than posting fake photos, we prefer to have the models’ real photos available in their backstage members-only areas. This way everyone feels safe and protected, while maintaining an authentic and honest business relationship. Our company is a very exclusive, sheltered circle of trust. We will always protect you.

Should you wish to see more of the models, please contact us to arrange an appointment, and maybe enquire about exclusive membership. When you become a member of Mynt Models®, you become a part of an even more exclusive and affluent group of the world’s elite. Our choice to protect the models’ identities comes at the preference of the sophisticated and refined caliber of clientele for whom we provide introduction services. Thank you for understanding.

Before the Appointment

Ideally, the earlier you make your appointment the better. 3-5 days is great for local escort dinner dates. We don’t generally cater for last-minute bookings, however you’re welcome to try your luck. If you’re seeking a travel companion, 10-14 days’ advance notice is preferred please, with fees settled 5-7 days prior to the meeting. Especially when you’re booking a travel companion, you need to leave at least a week before flights are due, to have time to select the model and arrange flights etc. If she is not from your locale, and is from a less open country, you might need to leave time for visa arrangements also. But she’ll make that worth your while : ) We need to time to confer with the model and she needs to check her schedule. We then need time to discuss plans with you, to arrange fund transfer, and to book flights. If your inquiry takes some time to finalize, please book the date 10-14 days ahead of when you have chosen your date. Some people book weeks and months ahead, however this is a personal choice.

Discretion is our #1 priority for you, next to safety. All correspondence is tightly protected, encrypted, and kept 100% confidential, forever. We don’t keep records, and when your appointment is over, your details are destroyed. Your details are NEVER disclosed to a third party outside of the agency. All our models and staff sign a legal non-disclosure agreement, with the knowledge that she will be pursued with legal action should she ever share any information about the agency or the clients, ever. Discretion is guaranteed by all members of Mynt Models®, and the same is respectfully expected from you, as the same legal obligation applies. (Please see our disclaimer, to understand what you agree to by visiting our website and calling the agency/ utilizing our service.)

You can view information about our fees here, however to inquire after our fees please contact us directly for a personal quote. Keep in mind that additional small fees apply for transport, and with credit card payment. We’ll discuss and confirm the total fee for you before each discreet escort introduction. We’re very transparent about charges, and always do our best to keep travel charges to a minimum. While we do only cater to very affluent individuals, for whom quality is a priority over price, we’re not greedy or trying to over-charge anyone either. Honesty and integrity are important to us.

Your guarantee with Mynt Models® is exactly the same as any other high end company with which you do business. Our billing company is made available to you at the time of payment, or when you sign a non-disclosure agreement for celebrity meetings. However we offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity, which we take seriously. Again – honesty and integrity is important to us.

We frequently cater for very big names internationally, and have a flawless reputation for integrity and professionalism with our elite clientele. We do not provide or promise to provide anything illegal, so you have exactly the same recourse as you would with any other company, should you find yourself without a date. However this will NEVER happen.

In the impossible situation where a model could not arrive, such as a plane crash (God forbid!) or a natural disaster, your funds would remain in credit until such time as you can utilize them. Our legal disclaimer explains the holding of funds in credit and retainers in further detail. This question, occasionally posed to us by new visitors, is understandable, yet ridiculous in the face of our excellent reputation. Since most people are referred to us by word of mouth, it’s not a ‘frequently asked question’ as such, however we wanted to include this response for those who may feel concerned. Please feel free to send us a message for further detailed information.

The models dislike accepting payment in person, especially when traveling. If you’re booking a travel companion, or a longer term appointment, we’ll require funds in advance to secure the booking, clear the model’s schedule, and purchase any flights/ conveyance (please see above). You can make your payment via credit card at shorter notice, however most gentlemen find a discreet bank transfer to the billing company is easier and more secure.

Please be aware that no appointment plans can be made or flights booked until funds are received and confirmed. Hence our requirement for notice. ;)  We can provide you with a professional invoice from our discreet billing company on request, with no mention of adult services, models, companions or dating etc.

Some gentlemen like to pay upfront for the convenience of payment being eliminated from the meeting; the model just meets him anywhere he wishes, like a regular date. This is also extremely convenient for traveling gentlemen, who are concerned about using a credit card. All our payment methods are 100% safe and honoured in any case, but we like to give you options, for you to feel comfortable and not inconvenienced. Many callers also send a retainer to allow shorter notice invitations and flight arrangements throughout the year. Perhaps not as much as the members’ fees, but an amount with which he’s comfortable.

We will inform you personally of the actual billing company name when you are making your booking. For the discretion of our clients, we do not reveal the billing company name to the general public. Rest assured you will never see ‘Mynt Models’, ‘escort service’, or any mention of anything remotely related to adult services or women on your statement or invoice. It is a very discreet communications company.

As mentioned above, settling your account is welcome by direct transfer or via major credit card. Some gentlemen prefer to pay a retainer, so they can call at any time to easily and quickly book their companions to join them at their location. Flights can be booked very quickly in that situation, when funds are immediately available.From the moment your beautiful date arrives, your unforgettable evening can begin!

If you’d like to invite a model escort to accompany you outside of her home town, which is a regular occurrence, her travel costs and any necessary five star accommodation will be added to the fee for her time. We’ll discuss the details of this with you when you contact us to inquire about making an invitation. We’ll always attempt to keep travel costs as reasonable as possible. Even when money is ‘no issue’, nobody likes to waste money either. For the discretion of the models, we’ll always arrange her flight itinerary from the agency’s side. Whilst reasonable sensibility in regards to expenses is understood, your generosity in not ‘cutting corners’ when booking the models for travel visits is appreciated.

For example, expecting her to take public transport is never acceptable (!), and neither is asking the model to purchase her own food… (Yes, people have actually tried to do those things…!) – You have invited her there as your special guest. Please treat her like one.  With all respect, if you can’t comfortably afford to invite and keep a model of this calibre, please don’t book her for a ‘tight budget’ experience. She won’t waste money, but she doesn’t want to be told ‘don’t order room service, we’ll buy some things from the supermarket’… Use your common sense. This is not a bargain hunting environment. Be a gentleman.

The escort models which are available to travel, love an exciting trip out of town. Whether a Geneva escort flies into Zurich to meet you, or a Zurich escort pops over to Basel to meet you – or even out to an international location – if she accepts the invitation, she’ll will be excited and enthusiastic to join you and pamper you. You’re welcome to invite the model to stay with you as long as you wish, subject to her availability. We have evening, weekend, weekly, monthly and even yearly appointment packages available.

However ultimately the choice is down to the model herself, as to where she visits, and for how long. We will always enquire with her regarding your preferred invitation time. Everyone has rights at Mynt Models®. This way you can be assured she is with you because she really wants to be, not reluctantly or under duress!

The models frequently visit for weekends, week-long vacations, and even occasional hedonistic month-long companionship. There are always the specialized 6 month and 12 month ‘no-obligation-relationship’ or temporary girlfriend contracts to opt for also, allowing for the models to come and go for career commitments. These longer arrangements are a great idea for when you’ve broken up with someone and need a reliable and appropriate ‘place holder’ to accompany you to dinners and events, keeping up appearances, and providing you with companionship and affection while you recover and meet someone new.

Please inquire with us if you’re interested in this kind of relationship arrangement. Only certain models will be available for these appointments, with conditions attached. However they can be very effective arrangements, and certainly financially efficient, as opposed to booking hundreds of different girls over that time period, or taking endless women out to dinners and dates. It all depends on your preference at the end of the day ;)

Initially, as with any appointment in life, please give as much notice as possible, as soon as you know you won’t be able to make your date. The model escort reserves your appointment in her schedule, and it is an inconvenience to her to have her time and preparation plans wasted. If the appointment was a travel appointment, we require 72 hours’ notice. Cancellation with less than 72 hours’ notice could result in forfeited airfares. If you have made a pre-payment, your funds will be held in credit for twelve (12) months, during which time you’re welcome to book the model again, or use your funds to be introduced to other models. Your funds will be forfeited if they aren’t used within the twelve (12) month period.

If you’re cancelling a local appointment, we also appreciate as much notice as possible, for the same reason. The models clear their schedules to spend time with you, and spend time and money on preparing themselves for you. It’s a real inconvenience to her to have her appointment cancelled without a respectful amount of notice. Please treat your courtesan as you would treat any girlfriend. Few would appreciate last-minute cancellations without you making it up to her. ;)

If you’re cancelling the appointment locally, and she has already arrived with you, it would be appreciated for you to do the gentlemanly thing and offer the model a cancellation fee, at least to cover her transport costs and preparation time.

(The no-cancellation-fee as part of the 100% guarantee, ONLY applies if you are cancelling because the model is unsuitable for you (which rarely happens, as we introduce her carefully before she comes to meet you in person). If you are cancelling for any other personal reason, a polite cancellation fee will be expected, as a gesture of consideration. Usually this is 50% of her fee, as an appropriate gesture. If you book that same model within the week again, your cancellation fee can be used towards your appointment, minus transport costs. You’ll need to let us know you intend to book her again, and secure a date for later that week in her schedule.)  However cancellations are extremely rare at Mynt.

The Appointment

The beautiful elite ladies will meet you at your five star hotel room, for introductions and perhaps a drink. From there, you can decide where to go or how to get to know your Mynt Models® companion. You may wish to go for a lovely dinner, or enjoy cocktails somewhere stylish, or just enjoy a fine bottle of wine over good conversation in your suite. Our exclusive models are accustomed to high-end environments with a pleasant ambiance, and expect suitable arrangements to be made for their time with you. A luxury five star hotel location is essential. This also allows us to verify you.

No. Mynt Models® provides only exclusive ladies wishing to meet exclusive gentlemen. We do not offer incall or provide ‘full time, on-call escorts’ or by-the-hour meetings. We can however take your credit card number and assist you in booking your preferred five star hotel, arrange restaurant reservations, book shows etc, if you are too busy. We can be your personal concierge and personal assistant, making sure your visit to Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, or any other city or ski resort in Switzerland, goes perfectly smoothly. :)

No, our model escorts work with the support and representation of an agency to avoid unnecessary communication or time spent with anyone outside of their chosen gentlemen. When you book time with a model, she’s available exclusively for you. The ladies have full lives, and are available exclusively in person, by appointment only, to our esteemed clientele. All arrangements are made by the agency, and when the model is with you during your appointment, she is all yours to get to know. Any messages you wish to convey to the model or issues you need to clarify with her, we can pass on to her/ discuss with her before she arrives. However with all respect, we are not a chat line. ;)  To get to know the model more, simply arrange an introduction through the company, for her to join you. A little mystery gives you so much more to talk about.

Initially, don’t be confused or under any illusions; this is a quality human being you are meeting with, a real woman, and she is your invited guest. Treat her as you would treat any other girlfriend you invite, with respect and consideration at all times. Assuming you’re both happy to stay together. ;)  This is someone’s daughter, friend, sister;  Be a gentleman, and behave with manners and class.

Your escort model goes to great lengths to prepare herself for your date, so she expects you to be polite, charming and showered! Please pay particular attention to your hygiene and presentation, as you would for any date. She’s far more likely to feel comfortable with you if you’re appealing to her!

While this needn’t be mentioned for respectful gentlemen, please avoid asking personal and invasive questions about the lady’s private life. It’s disrespectful, and bad form. She’ll feel uncomfortable, therefore less likely to want to connect with you. She’ll reveal herself over time, when she’s comfortable with you, like any woman. Avoid embarrassing her by asking her to meet with you privately or asking for her phone number. If you want this, please call an independent escort. However if you do this against our explicit request, Mynt Models® assumes no responsibility or liability for any problems or consequences that arise from such indiscretions. But we’ve never seen this work out well for either party.

After the Appointment

At any time, you can request membership. Click here to apply. Or feel free to email the agency to request a membership. Memberships are for gentlemen who make frequent invitations throughout the year. Others who call less often may feel quite comfortable with a simple retainer, in an amount he feels comfortable with. A retainer of 50-100k allows you to utilize funds like a member, without the frills and benefits, many of which you may not require (eg private jet, yacht, hotel etc)



We always welcome your feedback. We are open to suggestions and your honest comments. We always happily pass any positive feedback on to the models. The only way for us to maintain our elite standards and to appropriately support the models in their improvement and development, is with your assistance. This also helps us to more fully understand your needs, so that your next appointment can be even better. Your opinion is welcome via our contact form, or directly by email or phone call.


Hopefully most of your queries have been clarified herein. Your serious inquiry is welcome anytime. Please fill the form below to make a booking inquiry, or email directly on the contact page.


Claudia xx