Luxury Services

Luxury Services For VIPs


VIPs and successful executives have very busy lives.
As a VIP concierge, we provide
services to make their lives easier and more enjoyable and easy.
It’s that simple.

Luxury private super yacht charter

The VIP Lifestyle

While one might assume the lifestyle of the UHNWI or successful wealthy man is easy, often it is quite the opposite. The exchange for success and wealth is your time and effort. Even when you have reached your goals and have people working for you and money pouring in, you are always on deck, checking and clarifying, testing to be sure your product or service remains high quality, staying on top of market research to see what may need tweaking to comply with new market trends, new laws, new expectations.


You’ll be watching your competition, watching your managers and employees, watching the company expenditure for advertising, office running costs, travel costs etc. It’s not easy. Nobody can just open a business, make it successful then sit back and do nothing. The company would eventually grind to a halt or be run unto the ground by lazy or inattentive staff. There is ALWAYS hard work behind any ongoing success.


As such, there are many details the successful gentlemen doesn’t have time to attend to our nurture in his life. One of those can be leisure time. Due to a cruel & ironic universal law, he has the means to enjoy anything he wants, but may often lack the time to arrange it! That’s where your VIP concierge comes into play, to assist you in moving from mode to mode in life. As a VIP concierge who specializes in leisure vacations and business trips, Mynt Models® can provide all manner of luxury services for the selective gentleman, ensuring his trip is unforgettable.


The Luxury Services

Luxury private jet charter

  • Sporting Events – Are you heading to the Cannes Film Festival, the Grand Prix or an Awards show? Bring a discreet and beautiful VIP companion as your luxury date. Private, elegant, refined and fun.
  • Corporate Events – Bring a gorgeous date to your next work function!
  • Executive Dating – Meet someone in a similar field to yours, so you have lots in common  to discuss over dinner.
  • VIP Events & Red Carpet Dates – VIP events require a VIP escort model. Don’t compromise, contact us now.
  • Brand New Escorts – Do you prefer to meet brand new models when they just begin with us? Contact us for exclusive introductions to any new models we hire.
  • UHNWI Dating – It can be very difficult for an UHNWI to find time to date, or to meet decent people who aren’t harboring ulterior motives. Be introduced to genuinely elite, elegant, warm, authentic woman for discreet dinner dates and elite travel companion trips.

These are just a few of the many luxury services provided for our VIP Members and lovely callers. We value and appreciate each and every one of you, and always want to see you happy and relaxed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for warm, dedicated assistance; Personal attention is what we’re all about.

We’re also available worldwide for you. We have offices in several cities around the world, and can make your trip sensational, no matter whether you’re heading to New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Dubai or Hong Kong! We cater for any international city with a five star hotel. If you’re on a tour and visit beautiful little towns without five star options, we will seek out luxury options for you, or find a model who doesn’t mind more rustic environments in between five star accommodations.

Generally people either stick to cities with five star hotel options, or arrange to meet less expensive escort dates, for whom three star is normal. Not to be elitist in any way, just some models are accustomed to a five star luxury lifestyle, and others can enjoy a real life on-foot tour of a fascinating little town somewhere deep in France! Some gentlemen are only comfortable with luxury girls, some gentlemen prefer the feet-on-the-ground type. Selecting the right companion is imperative to enjoying your time thoroughly!

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Gentlemen Seeking a Date?

We are delighted to introduce the most beautiful, elegant talent to refined, discerning gentlemen. Access the finest girlfriend experience at our leading high end escort service. Our elite companions will make your dinner date, social occasion or vacation an unforgettable memory. Our upscale models are available for introduction at 5 star locations worldwide, by appointment only.