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Are you looking for brand new escort girls, fresh young ladies just entering the dating arena? Some people like the idea of meeting young ladies who are new escorts, thinking they will seem more natural and like a real date. In fact, all our models are fresh and ‘new’ when they meet you, because they do not meet hundreds of people by the hour and become robotic. They meet very few gentlemen throughout the year, and are still always a little nervous when they are preparing to meet someone special.

New young escort dating

However should you be fixated on meeting a brand new escort who hasn’t met anyone before, we have a good influx of new models throughout the year, and will always have an elite escort model in development, waiting for her first caller. Her first dinner date is very exciting! If you’d like to be the first date experience for a brand new model, just contact us and we’ll get you verified and approved. Being the first date for a new escort means you will never be forgotten! She will never forget her first date, and that is a very special experience.

Each time you meet her again, you will have a special bond that she shares only with you. Be sure to take her to a lovely restaurant she will also remember, and perhaps bring a little gift, to set the tone for any future dates she embarks on throughout the year. A new escort will always be an interesting attraction for certain gentlemen, so if that is your cup of tea, by all means add yourself to the list of those callers who like to be informed of new escort models. You may find the woman of your dreams, and make her your exclusive girlfriend experience date for a long term booking.

It would be nice for her to spend her time with only one caller during her whole brief escort career.  Others may like the variety and wish to meet a couple of other callers to see what she’s missing, so check with us first. As the first ‘client’ or date for a new escort, you have some further responsibilities, to be an honorable and gentlemanly date. She is new, so don’t do anything to startle her. You’ll need to be considerate and patient, and understand that as a brand new escort with no experience, she doesn’t always know what is appropriate, so she may hesitate here and there.

She will always be as intelligent, educated and charming as all our elite VIP escort models. However she may not remember when is the best time to call the office, or she may not necessarily know what to say if you happen to run into someone you know. So be prepared for a little awkward moment here and there, and do fill in the gaps and speak up so she isn’t left floundering, embarrassed. We prepare the new escort models as much as possible. but there will always be situations or occasions where she’s not sure what to do, until she has some experience and develops some more poise.

This is why new models are usually only made available to regular callers, who already know the standard we uphold. They know what to overlook, and what to teach the model. And for each awkward moment she shares with us, we teach her how to handle it in future.

As long as you are comfortable with those moments, you will enjoy meeting a brand new escort who has never met anyone or been on a date before. She will develop herself as an elite companion in time. Some people don’t like new escort girls, and prefer someone a little more confident and established, but for those who like brand new escorts, we will be able to assist. Just contact us now. We are very protective of our new escort ladies, so do approach as a gentleman, in order to be considered for her first date experience.




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