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The city of Linz sits on both sides of the beautiful River Danube. They city’s grandeur has been recognized in Europe since it was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2009. Linz’s culture is reflected in its wonderful museums, art galleries and concert halls.

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Bring Your Escort Model in the Beautiful Attractions of Linz City
Priesterseminarkirche in Linz

Linz’s focus towards the future is as smooth as the flow of the River Danube. The art and music scenes of the city have something for everyone. The architecture of the cityscape is also among the country’s best, and their museums are among the richest in historical value. Some of the most visited places in the city that you may also want to visit include:

  • Ars Electronica Center
  • Lentos Art Museum
  • New Cathedral, Linz
  • Old Cathedral, Linz
  • Postlingbergbahn
  • Ars Electronica
  • Donauhalle
  • Wilhering Abbey
  • Mauthausen Memorial
  • Mariendom Linz
  • Postlingbergbahn
  • Hauptplatz
  • Postlingbergkirche Wallfahrtsbasilika
  • Schlossmuseum Linz
  • Alter Dom
  • Lentos Kunstmuseum
  • Linzer Tiergarten
  • Minoritenkirche
  • Linzer Landhaus
  • Landesgalerie
  • Zahnmuseum Linz
Hauptplatz in Linz
Lentos Art Museum in Linz

Linz’s continental climate gives the city lovely warm summers with no dry season. The city’s natural grasslands and forests also contribute to the wonderful weather of this city. Click here and find all the time and weather information you require.


Get your daily news from Linz’s trusted broadsheet, the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten. This independent Austrian broadsheet has around 383,000 readers per issue!

Schlossmuseum in Linz

Linz is a solid financial and economic hub of Austria. They have a stable industry in steel manufacturing, and the Chemie Linz, having been divided into several companies. They also have a good number of tourists that add up to the city’s economic boost. Venturing into business is also good in Linz. Start-ups have a strong chance to succeed. Go to your local embassy to find out how you can build your company in the city.

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Art and Style Spitz Hotel in Linz

Linz is home to a good number of luxury hotels. While the city is yet to have a renowned 5-star hotel, their 4 star hotel accommodations are extremely elegant and comfortable. And if it’s sophistication you seek, we suggest the Art and Style Spitz Hotel. With its world class ambiance and lovely interiors, you will definitely enjoy a stay at this hotel.  For alternatives, a browse through Trip Advisor for more hotel options within Linz can be helpful. With the site’s millions of reviews, they will give you the information that you need and find the hotel experience you seek.

Linz Nightlife

elite dinner date escort for Linz; meet beautiful Austrian women.The riversides of Linz are lovely at night. It’s also where the best nightspots of the city are. Every night, tourists and partygoers fill the streets to have an exciting or sometimes relaxed evening, depending on their preference.

This city can certainly satisfy your mood for evening activities, and will offer you a wonderful night of enjoyment.

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More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Salzburg!