Discreet Companion Introductions For High Profile Men

Discreet Companion Introductions For High Profile MenHigh profile men and public figures in sensitive positions have a hell of a time meeting women! Unless they married their high school sweetheart, or find someone in their office/ staff who can suffice as a girlfriend, he can be at a loss. While one would assume a man of power and position would be inundated with offers of companionship, in fact for most high profile people, dating can in fact be difficult.
He can often find women approaching him with designs on his money and prestige only. However every person, even a VIP, eventually seeks to be genuinely loved and appreciated for who they are. He can also find a lot of women are intimidated by his position, and have no desire to be thrust into the limelight, her every daily move, outfit and personal detail scrutinized publically.

So they often ask themselves, where can I meet a beautiful woman as a high profile man or public figure? Meeting through friends can sometimes work, but potentially exposes your personal details to said friends if it doesn’t work out. Online dating and random call girl companies are out, for obvious reasons; discretion and privacy are an absolute priority, and imperative to maintain.

A good option for high profile professionals, vip celebrities, political figures, aristocrats and the like, can be a secret dating club like Mynt Models®. As a private exclusive travel club, which caters almost exclusively for VIP callers, the company offers a very tight circle of trust, ensuring 100% confidentiality forever. With offshore base, and the most discreet billing system in the dating industry, nobody ever knows companions are booked.

With the elite status of Mynt Models® behind them, the fresh and beautiful companions and courtesans provided are not traditional ‘escorts’, and are not available full time, nor to just anyone who calls. Available exclusively by appointment well in advance, the beautiful models, accomplished actresses and professional career women are educated, gorgeous and captivating. The gfe dinner dates and social companionship provided ensure a magical and discrete experience for both parties.

Most of the models have a public identity themselves, which ensures ultimate discretion for a VIP. This is someone he would be expected to be dating, therefore nobody questions seeing them together. She’s not a ‘mystery woman’ or anything of that nature. She’s someone within his own league, a viable girlfriend. Given the confidentiality issues for both, and the non-disclosure agreements signed by all parties. There is no chance of disclosure. A lot of those “celebrity couples on dates” are actually arranged by Mynt Models®. A perfect cover.

Let’s assume a gentleman is unhappily married, and just seeks a little dinner date with an enchanting and understanding beauty to escape the stresses of daily life. While we certainly don’t actively encourage infidelity of any kind, none of us knows the inner workings of a marriage or relationship. Quite often it’s a marriage of convenience, especially in the world of celebrities and the aristocracy, and the couple has an understanding. Discretion is still required, to maintain their public image as a happy couple.

A public figure can meet an elite international model companion rather than a local one, for further discretion. Or he can bring a model from within his own country, as a travel companion to a private vacation spot. A travel companion can very often be passed off as an assistant or staff member, walking well behind, dressed casually or in uniform, and staying at separate accommodations. Any vip or celebrity knows the procedures involved in dating privately, and avoiding paparazzi, press journalists and other such invasive individuals. Traveling is the perfect cover much of the time.

He can be introduced to models on his next business trip. Or an elite courtesan companion can fly in to visit him, combining her date with a sight-seeing vacation. Furthermore, they can arrange a very private in-room candlelight dinner with a personal butler, so they can still enjoy the wonderful fine dining experience, and get to know each other. A genuine connection can be created, without prying eyes, pretention or expectation.

Whether he is a politician, royalty, high profile businessman or professional captain of industry, all dealings with the company are strictly confidential. Since Mynt Models® specializes in catering to this caliber of gentleman, everything is set up to fiercely protect their callers’ privacy. The details of how they are protected will be made available to them directly, however with no disclosures in 27 years to date, rest assured the management of introductions between VIPs is well in hand, and whispered into the ears of those among the high profile world. Contact Claudia now for absolutely secure, secret arrangements.

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