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Within the Meurthe-et-Moselle Department near the Duchy of Lorraine, lies the lovely refined capital, Nancy City. The largest metropolitan area in the region, East France, the city boasts the largest university student population. That’s a lot of youthful energy! Three areas within the city are already on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.

While the city does not have the official long history of some other cities, (although the land itself is of course, ancient!), Nancy is thought to be only 1000 or so years old. The area boasts lovely formal gardens and lovely museums. There is a dear, quaint effect to the city.

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Top Attractions to Visit in Nancy with Your Escort Date
The Nancy Cathedral

Nancy proper holds a large enough population, drawing may university students to the city.  There is a certain refinement to this city, with its glorious central square, fine museums and formal gardens. Be taken back to the 18th Century, when most of the city was actually established. The art nouveau movement blossomed here the city that perfectly blends innovation and sophistication in one beautiful hybrid. Some of the sights to see in Nancy include:

  • Nancy Cathedral
  • Botanical Garden in Nancy
  • Place Stanislas
  • Suite Novotel Nancy Centre
  • Nancy’s Porte Desilles
  • Musee de l’Ecole de Nancy
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Nancy
  • Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine
  • Henry Poincare University
  • Jarding Dominique Alexandre Godron
  • Opera National de Lorraine
  • Palais des Sports Jean Weille
Place Stanislas
Place Stanislas in Nancy
Botanical Garden in Nancy

Another city offering no dry season to speak of, Nancy generally has mild weather, if not a little humid. The west coast city is covered with a lot of green though, perhaps a little marshy in places. Wintertime is when the serious rain comes to visit, and occasional cyclones drop by. But all in all it is seasonally moderate and pleasant. Click here to find all the latest time and weather information you need right now.


To stay up to date on all the latest city information, we recommend L’Est Républicain. Local English versions of the news can also be found.

Porte Desilles in Nancy

When it comes to admin and business domination, Nancy rivals the city of Metz as the top contender. Nancy is renowned for its contributions in education and research/ development, and is a center of culture & arts also. technological and biotechnological research, play an important role in the local economy. Among many other industries like chemicals and electronics, Nancy is a buzzing hive of commercial activity! If you’ve ever wanted to do business in Nancy, a good place to start would be the local Mayor’s offices. There you can find out all about business licenses, permits, fees and more.

The Ideal Luxury Hotels in Nancy
Suite Novotel Nancy Centre

Once again, no five-star hotel options. :(   But as usual in France, the four-star offerings are quite acceptable. What choice do you have? Perhaps they don’t do laundry, or maybe the room service ends at 11pm – but the overall standards are much the same as any regular 5-star hotel. To select a suitable hotel, try one of the hotel booking sites like Venere.com or Expedia.com. Trip Advisor offers millions of personal reviews, which might assist you in selecting suitable accommodations. And again, we ask you to enjoy this photograph of the kind of view and environment to expect, considering we had no luck sourcing a lovely video for you to watch about a particular recommended hotel. We’ll let you choose. ;)

Nancy Nightlife

High Class Escort in NancyMove to the center of the city to start enjoying the nightlife of Nancy. Begin with a drink or coffee, then move on to dinner, dessert, cocktails and more.

The city offers plenty of late night restaurants, offering sophisticated meals.

So bring your beautiful Mynt Models date to a romantic evening on the town and indulge in such culinary delights as bergamot sweets, macaroons and baba.

Trip Advisor should also offer endless reviews on places you’d like further information about.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Avignon!

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