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Across the pond from Old England, Le Havre is snuggled into the historical Normandie region. Its port is extremely busy, being the second largest next to Marseilles. As a major city with a wonderfully large population which is, it brings with a small handful of exquisitely elite companions and singles to meet for dating. Mynt Models® is the leading international dating escort agency. The agency provides premium companionship and social Le Havre escort dates for selective, sophisticated gentlemen seeking luxury.

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Best Places to Date with Your Escort Lady in Le Havre
Saint-Joseph Church in Le Havre

The History of Le Havre is fascinating, and going back to the religious wars, the French Revolution, the affluence of the 19th century, up until recent modern times – you will be mesmerized. If sightseeing is more your thing, then the architecture and surrounding cityscape will take your breath away, as in most of Europe. Venture into the ‘old town’ areas, and walk the cobbled streets to feel a century away from the stresses of life. it puts it all in perspective. :)  Some of the must-see attractions of Le Havre include:

  • Musee des Beaux Arts Andre Malraux
  • Maison Temoin Perret
  • Musee Maison de L’Armateur
  • Eglise St-Joseph
  • Appartement Temoin
  • Les Jardins Suspendus
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame
  • Exposition Impressioniste Pissaro
  • Amphitheater of Lillebonne
  • Jardin Japonais
  • Museum d’Histoire Naturelle
  • Mercure Le Havre Centre Bassin du Commerce
  • Jardins de l’Hotel de Ville
Bassin du Commerce
Bassin du Commerce in Le Havre
Hotel de Ville in Le Havre

Sitting on the coast of the English Channel, the wind is never far away. Having said that, the wind does keep the weather relatively mild, and rainfall is generally distributed at decent intervals throughout the year. A fairly pleasant climate overall. Although it can be bitterly cold in winter, given its proximity to water and open sea. Click here to find all the latest time and weather information you need right now.


To stay up to date on all the latest city information, we recommend the Paris-Normandie, or for the local news in English, you can find The Local, or TheFrenchPaper, until your French as improved. ;)

Cultural Center in Le Havre

Le Havre’s local economic strength still heavily relies on its industrial ventures (Renault, petrochemicals, aerospace, and food/ packaging production). With such a busy port, bringing an average of 68-70 million tons of cargo (!!), obviously the maritime services and related industries are a popular source of revenue. Services are also a growing sector and tourism is a well develop industry now in Le Havre.  If you are interested in doing business in Normandie, or perhaps considering moving your office or opening a branch in Le Havre or its port, a good place to start is your local embassy in France, or the local Mayor’s offices.

Suitable Luxury Hotels in Le Havre to Start the Date with Your Fines Girlfriend Escort
Malraux Museum in Le Havre

While Le Havre, surprisingly, still doesn’t offer a five star accommodation option, (great business idea, considering the amount of business done here!), the city does offer some very comfortable stylish 4 star establishment. Well considering the last star can very often just be for the fact that the hotel does your laundry or offers 24 hour room service, the overall effect of the experience shouldn’t be much less than an exclusive 5 star one! We recommend Hotel Spa Le Pasino.  To view other hotel options, visit a local travel site or hotel comparison sites like Venere or Expedia.Trip Advisor also offers millions of personal reviews, which can help you select a suitable hotel for your stay.

Just to whet your appetite, watch the video presentation of the quaint and comfortable Hotel Spa Le Pasino:

Le Havre Nightlife

Elite Escort Le HavreLe Havre offers few really sophisticated, high-quality evening options (so far). However, there are some sensational little bars and nightspots, as its contribution to the nightlife.

Although surely destined to expand, as the tourist flow increases, the best bet for an enjoyable evening in Le Havre is a fine dinner with your beautiful Mynt Models® date, then either a boogie in a local club/ bar, or simply cocktails back at the luxurious hotel lobby.

Enjoy getting to know your beautiful luxury escort date, and talk the night away over a fine bottle of merlot or champagne.

Or hang out with some locals, catching up on the ebb and flow of the city’s past and present!

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Reims!

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