Luxurious Escorts in Bastia

Sitting at the base of Cap Corse is the lovely city of Bastia. It displays a very grand scene of sea and coast, and is especially famous for its world class wines.

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The Best Attractions in Bastia to Unwind and Have Fun with Your Girlfriend Companion
Oratoire de la Confrerie de Sainte Croix in Bastia

The ports of Bastia are not only used commercially, they are also for enjoyment, such as with fishing boats etc. The city has lots of places that you can visit along its coast, with some lovely restaurants and cafes to stop at for refreshment. The city also offers a delightful architectural heritage that will astound you. These are some of the places that you might want to visit in the city:

  • Oratoire de la Confrerie de
  • Sainte Croix in Bastia
  • Le Vieux Port in Bastia
  • Eglise Saint Jean Baptiste in Bastia
  • Musee de Bastia
  • Hotel l’Alivi in Bastia
  • Chemins de fer de Corse
  • Petit Train Touristique
  • La Pinta
  • Musee de la Miniature
  • Saint-Nicolas Square
  • Bar L’empire
  • Le Moka
  • Togaplongee
Le Vieux Port
Le Vieux Port in Bastia
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Bastia

Bastia experiences a serene Mediterranean climate. Although there could be days that winds may become a little wild, you will mostly enjoy days of good sunshine in this city. Enjoy the sea, whether from afar or diving in! Click here to see Bastia’s day to day weather.


Bastia’s regional newspaper is Corse-Matin, the same paper from Ajaccio. Considering their close proximity, the local news is included for both cities. If you are seeking local headlines and sports/ weather in English, you can always find a nationwide English version like The Local. However these days a lot of local news can be found in English online also.

Musee de Bastia

Because of the city’s open ports, the city is the island’s main activity center. Trade is strong in Bastia partly because of the convenience of the ports, but also due to growing tourism. The population of the city continues to grow each year, opening some great business opportunities for locals and investors. If you are interested in opening an office or a branch of your company here to do business in Bastia, you should find out about the local laws, layout costs and permits etc beforehand. You can find out all this information at the local Mayor’s offices or your local embassy if you are not local.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Bastia

While there are no 5-star hotels as yet (at the time of writing this article), Bastia has a great range of 4-star hotels. But in this location, any hotel would ultimately be acceptable, as you are likely to spend most of your time outside absorbing the beauty of the area! We do have a recommendation though; with its fine view of the sea and a cozy restaurant looking over the Tuscan Islands, you will assuredly love the Hotel l’Alivi. We’ve included a lovely image of the hotel below, seeing as they have yet to make a professional introduction video for their establishment for us to feature here for you ;)   One of the online travel sites will have some other options if you prefer, and Trip Advisor has tons of reviews of local hotels if you need a second opinion as to your accommodation choices in Bastia.

Bastia Nightlife

High Class Escort in BastiaBastia France, has only a limited amount of nightlife and entertainment to select from. The reason being, the main attraction here is the peaceful seaside and history. One would come here for total relaxation, a suspension of the hectic buzz of life and business.

The harbor is a hub for what nightlife Bastia does offer, and there are plenty of charming little restaurants where you can eat classic French dishes and fresh seafood. What a perfect time to unwind, and really connect with your beautiful date – and yourself!

Nevertheless, the evening view of the calm sea, overlooked by the moon is always beautifully romantic. Bring along your gorgeous Mynt Models® date, and be amazed by the evenings of Bastia. It may be limited, but Trip Advisor will have good insights in the place to be and things to do in Bastia.

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