What An Elite Escort Can Teach A Married Man

Married men meeting elite escorts
Married men meeting elite escorts

Want to avoid a divorce? Perhaps the answer is simpler than you think.

One of the old elite escort industry sayings goes: “If you treated your wife the way you treated your courtesan, you’d have the world’s strongest marriage.”

If you’ve not yet heard that little gem, then you probably haven’t spoken with enough elite escorts. They do indeed state truthful little chestnuts like that, and it’s not a joke! While they have stories that could make you laugh and cringe, they also have many, many tales that include sweetness, romance, tenderness and warmth. More often than not that is the experience at the higher end of the escort arena.

When you hear the way many courtesans speak about their lovely clients, it often makes the off-center relationship seem almost like a real marriage. Especially when they spend days and weeks away together as travel companions. And it must be a happy marriage, because he keeps coming back!

Lauren, one of our elite escort models in New York, estimates about 80% of her callers are in fact married or in relationships. She also states that 90% of her work involves the connection they crave, emotional intimacy. While some men use the hobby of visiting escort for physical encounters, at this level we’re catering for gentlemen who seek a genuine date feel, like an actual girlfriend relationship (aka ‘girlfriend experience’ or GFE).

That experience, it seems, is a two-way avenue. Many married men who visit with our courtesans and travel companion models try hard to please their elite escort – in fact most of them are not happy unless she too is happy. They enjoy the authentic feeling of a relationship, in which they can love and honor their partner, like a wife. Except she’s not his wife…

We asked a handful of our high end escorts, who earn more than high priced lawyers a lot of the time, for some insight and tips that can guarantee you can save your money on one-evening dates with courtesans.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want.

When you book a courtesan, there are no coy games. If you want a certain scenario, or for her to behave a certain way, just ask. She’s open minded and wants you to enjoy your time. We’ve had gentlemen write several pages of script for how the evening should progress, things his escort should say and do.

“I enjoy just getting to know someone, but I also enjoy the fun of knowing up front how the evening should progress”, says Anastasia. “It’s nice not to have to read someone’s mind.” If you don’t enjoy the mystery of getting to know someone, you don’t have to. Though that is generally part of the ‘real date’ feeling, it can be incorporated as needed.

Some partners in relationships and marriage assume their partner just knows what they want or can read their minds. “It’s difficult to understand why, if a married guy can be honest with me, why he can’t be straight with his wife. It’s very strange.” stated travel companion Greta. “Like they can tell the barber how they want their hair cut, but they can’t seem to tell their closest person, their wife, what they like to do on a date.”


Comments From The Experts

Dr Michael Bennett is a psychiatrist and a co-author of the charmingly titled F*ck Feelings. He says the elite escorts may actually be onto something. With a few tweaks. The first being the most obvious – you’re not paying your wife for her time! So you can’t just walk in and make demands like a coach giving orders. (Tip: You can’t do that with an elite escort either lol!) However talking openly about what you want in your relationship with respect, consideration and honesty can be highly beneficial.

Try not to be too emotional about it. Dr. Bennett says to stay away from insinuating you are entitled to something. Instead, talk about what might be lacking in your relationship, and how you can both improve it. Don’t lay blame or make it a personal attack or complaint. Perhaps ask her if she’d like anything different in the relationship, and take it from there. It’s important in any healthy relationship to keep loving, caring communication open at all times.


Elite travel companion courtesan escort dating.
Elite travel companion dating with courtesan escorts

Keep Money Out Of Your Arguments

Financially, Mynt Models agency has set fees for the models’ time. Our models are sharing their time for that fee, and they don;’t appreciate someone trying to bargain them down – like any other professional. Have you ever asked your doctor to work for less than his usual fee? “Financial agreements should be straight forward and not involve any room for movement”, says elegant courtesan Helena. “You pay or not. If you don’t, I will not be there. It’s a simple pre-arranged agreement.”


Comments From The Experts

It’s not uncommon for couples to argue over money – it’s one of the most common complaints in the therapist’s office! However if you’re arguing over finances, you could be on the road to divorce says Dr. Sonya Britt, of Kansas State University. More than 4500 married couples were analyzed by her and her team. They linked lower quality relationships and lower marriage satisfaction with squabbles over money. This in turn led to a higher likelihood of divorcing.

Actually, frequent arguments often led people to lean into cheating. Which kind of makes sense; you go from someone with whom you yell and fight about money, into the company of someone with whom you never fight about money. If you have set arrangements up front, you are less likely to argue about finances. Treat your wife with the same respect as you treat the travel escort women you pay to accompany you on your business trip. It’s all agreed, so there are no issues.


Escort Afternoon Delight

A married man generally arranges his escort date meetings in the afternoon, for lunch instead. Evenings are difficult when you’re married; you have to wait until you’re on a business trip. Vacation escort weekends can be tough if you’re involved, unless your wife is working, or you’re away. Weekend vacations are extremely popular. But most like to meet in the afternoon or early evening, to avoid running into someone.

They will then board a flight and travel together somewhere exotic. It’s the perfect alibi, to be off on a business trip; his elite escort could simply be his secretary or colleague. Totally innocent. “One of my regular callers tells his office he’s going to look at a property,” says Sienna. “It kind of makes it more exciting, more naughty. It’s fun to be part of a secret tryst. I think they are missing this naughtiness, the secret fun.”

Take yourself back in time. Do you remember dating your wife? How you felt about each other, how you’d sneak away to be alone as often as possible. It would have been so romantic, a naughty secret between you two. “If you feel like you’re getting away with something, it’s fun,” stated Madison. “Some people need that sense of excitement, of doing something they maybe shouldn’t be doing.”


Comments From The Experts

It’s true that for many men, there is an Adrenalin hit from visiting a professional girlfriend like a courtesan. It’s the rush they no longer get from their own relationships. Dr. Wendy Fader, a psychologist, says the risk is exciting for them. A date with his wife is entirely risk free. It’s allowed, and you know what to expect. To revive the excitement, there needs to be an element of the unexpected. And ironically, some women like the stability of expected and risk free environments!

Add some mental amphetamine, without panicking your wife. Make things a little uncomfortable, as opposed to dangerous. For example, if you have a regular date night, change it up. Ask your wife to meet you at home or in a hotel near her office for lunch, and see how that goes. Or wait until you have friends coming over, and start flirting and being amorous with her, to arouse her, knowing people are arriving at any moment. You need to remind yourselves what it feels like to be a naughty and exciting couple again.


Dating ideas for married men
Dating ideas for married men

Keep Your Hygiene At The Forefront

If you think the only thing an elite courtesan is interested in is money, you couldn’t be more wrong. “Of course the money is an essential part of the exchange, but I’ll walk out on even the wealthiest man if he isn’t smelling clean.” says Los Angeles actress escort ‘Samantha’. The courtesans talk amongst themselves as they meet on the occasional yacht booking or multi-person vacation. They aren’t talking about the size of your wallet, they’re talking about how you treat them, and whether you’re clean.


Comments From The Experts

It’s common knowledge that women are more sensitive to smells than most men. Dr. George Preti of the Monell Chemical Senses Center says, “A woman will notice an unpleasant smell well before a man does. He many not even smell something she can smell.” But just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Shower often and use a light cologne. Shave before meeting if you plan to kiss her goodnight; not many women class a sanding down as romantic.


The Grass Is NOT Greener Over There

Occasionally a regular caller can find one particular elite escort super appealing, and the line begins to blur. “He gets that look, and jokes about running away together and stuff like that,” says travel escort Charlotte. Catching feelings within a warm business relationship isn’t a great idea. The problem isn’t so much the fact that it’s impractical. That would make for a nice messy divorce! And it’s not that there’s a ‘Pretty Woman’ fantasy going on.

The problem exists that the courtesan is a person too. And she will become just as annoying, the more you get to know her and spend time with her. For every gorgeous supermodel out there, there’s a guy who is tired of her company. “It’s easy to be on your best behavior for a few days or a week,” says Mimi, “I’m very much myself when I’m traveling with someone, but he doesn’t really know the real me, all my sides.”


Comments From The Experts

Daydreaming about changing your life and being someone else is normal. There’s nothing wrong with escaping into fantasies occasionally. Even the happiest married couples do that. “It’s human nature,” says Dr. Fader, “But in a healthy relationship, while you might find your colleague or your elite escort travel companion appealing, you remain a gentleman and go home to your wife.”

Enjoy your fantasies. Imagine skipping town with some gorgeous stranger who is always in a good mood, that mysterious woman who doesn’t know all your idiosyncrasies yet. Imagine starting a new life with an endless honeymoon and the idyllic moments. But you don’t act on it. Just like you might fantasize about poisoning some nasty person in your life – you don’t actually do it!


Sometimes It’s Ok To Be Selfish

Ava says she prefers married men because they seem more balanced and happy. “They talk about their children, their home life,” she says. “Their attitude is like, ‘I work hard, I provide a great life for my family,  so I just want this one thing for myself.”  Which sounds reasonable, as long as it isn’t affecting your marriage negatively. Some couples even have an arrangement, which is the ideal. Though not as common as one would expect.

“I asked a married guy once about why he was spending time with me instead of his wife”, said Charlotte. “He said he had made a lot of sacrifices for his family, and to keep his wife happy. So this was something that was just for him, his business trips with me. He said she was focused on the family a lot and didn’t always understand him anymore.”


Comments From The Experts

It’s fine to have a hobby your wife doesn’t necessarily know about, however this hobby is a grey area. While not always ‘cheating’, it depends what your definition of cheating is. Therapist Diana Wiley calls it “enlightened selfishness”. It’s about taking care of yourself first. Like when the airplane oxygen masks drop. You first, others after. That way you’re capable and useful.

Charlotte’s married client has the right idea, stealing away with an elite travel companion. It’s ok to be selfish. Especially if we aren’t receiving what we need within our relationship yet. “When we feel energized, and without resentment, this will flow into the primary relationship.” says Wiley. That’s not permission to do the wrong thing. It’s permission to do what is right for you. Treat yourself to something special. Maybe you leave work early and go to the cinema alone. Maybe you take a weekend away with an elite courtesan escort who makes you feel energized and alive.

As long as it doesn’t involve something that could destroy your relationship altogether, go for it. Or maybe that’s just the excitement that will bring your renewed energy into your relationship, keeping it alive and improving. Each to their own!



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