Building a Healthy Relationship


Building a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship is an integral part of human existence. In fact, it is said that relationships affect our overall health and wellbeing. Studies show that people who are into healthy relationships are enjoying long, fit, and happy lives.

It should be stressed though that for one to enjoy all these benefits, he has to be in a “healthy relationship”. This is because not all relationships are healthy. There are those that are more a burden that a blessing.
But how do you make sure you are in a healthy relationship? You have to work it out. There are many ways to work a relationship and make sure it remains healthy.

Here are some tips that can be very helpful in building a healthy relationship:


Learn to compromise

You may not know it but compromise is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. It is like a glue that would keep everything together. Giving way for your partner can go a very long way in working out your relationship. Some people are very particular with gender roles that they fail to see that this attitude is ruining their relationship. Lear to compromise with your partner. It does not matter who the man or the woman is. There has to be a balance and that can only be achieved if both of you will compromise for the other.


Argument is healthy

There are people who boast about being in an “argument-free” relationship. To them this is healthy. The truth is, it far more healthy to have arguments with your partner from time to time. An “argument-free” relationship means that one of the parties is pampering the other too much. While compromise is important for a relationship to work, it should also be balanced so that both parties can benefit.

Arguments can be seen as a way where both persons involved in the relationship express themselves. It can be very instrumental in helping both individuals discover and learn more about their partner. When you have come to learn and discover how your partner feels about certain things, compromising can come easier.

An argument can be very beneficial but you just have to make sure it will not end up in a “screaming match”. This is because if you will allow it to escalate that further, it could easily result to hurts instead of benefits.



Listening is a skill that is very important in making any relationship grow. Sadly though, it is also one that a lot of us have not really learned. Listening to your partner is the best present you can ever give her. Why? Because when you listen attentively, you will not only understand what she is saying but you will also get to learn more about her.

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