Must-Visit Museums in Canada to Take Your GFE Escort

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    Publish on September 3, 2019

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    GFE escort date
    GFE escort date

    Canada’s natural beauty is unmatched practically anywhere in the world, from highlands and glaciers to remote lakes and woods. But it’s not simply the outdoors that make Canada so alluring. Cities in Canada are cosmopolitan, peaceful, welcoming, and multicultural. The second largest country in the world is recognized as one of the most sparsely-populated countries. One of the best reasons to bring your elite travel escort to Canada is the feeling of exclusivity and discreteness that the country can offer.

    Canada is a mosaic of various cultures and traditions and features numerous historical sites, grandiose architecture, and monumental structures. The country is home to approximately 2,000 museums, each of which has a unique narrative to tell. Home to a wide array of spectacular tourist destinations, learn and uncover more of Canada’s beauty and history as you venture through these museums along with your equally beautiful GFE escort.


    1. Canadian Museum of History

    Gatineau, Canada

    If you’re looking for an exciting destination to bring your elite travel companion to, the Canadian Museum of History is among the fascinating places to go. It’s one of the country’s oldest museums, founded in 1856. The museum is also Canada’s most popular, with over 1.2 million people visiting yearly. Established initially as the Geological Survey of Canada display hall in 1859, the Canadian Museum of History is located in the Hull area of Gatineau. It was built dedicated to the collection, preservation, and protection of material objects that illuminate the human history of Canada and the cultural diversity of its people. The museum traces back Canada’s 20,000 years of human history while exploring several other cultures and civilizations, past and present.


    Best places to visit in Canada
    Best places to visit in Canada

    2. Canadian War Museum

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Located in the bustling city of Ottawa, the renowned Canadian War Museum houses over 500,000 items revolving around all facets of Canada’s military past. The collection includes the first recorded instances of death by armed violence in Canadian history several hundred years ago to the country’s most recent involvement in conflicts. Founded in 1880, the museum features an open storage area displaying large objects from the Museum’s collection, from naval guns to tanks, motorcycles to jet aircraft, and the Military History Research Centre. There is also a leading library, archival research facility, and a collection of about 500,000 artifacts, including uniforms, medals, weapons, war art, aircraft, military vehicles, and artillery. Why not spend the weekend exploring the country’s military history with your elite GFE travel companion?


    3. Dawson City Museum

    Dawson City, Yukon

    Take your beautiful travel companion by the hand and museum-hop to the next destination. The Klondike Gold Rush transformed Dawson City into one of the largest towns in the West overnight. Who are the folks who abandoned their families and occupations in search of a fortune? How did the rush alter the area’s pre-rush condition? The Dawson City Museum provides answers to a few queries like these. Explore vintage mining trains, take in a gold-pouring performance, and see what else is on display.


    4. Royal British Columbia Museum

    Victoria, British Columbia

    Rather than uneventful lunches and routinary shopping, why not experience Victoria through the 1920s as you stroll the museum? Maybe even observe a woolly mammoth in its natural habitat or discover the ceremonial masks of the First Nations—all under one roof? The Royal British Columbia Museum maintains a permanent exhibit of the district’s natural and human history. It aims to immerse both artifact and visitor, you and your refined travel companion, against a realistic environment, for an experience quite unlike any other.


    5. The Museum of Anthropology 

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Any cultured, well-traveled elite escort date will appreciate the art of all periods. You can witness one of the best collections of First Nations art in the world in the Museum of Anthropology (MOA), which is situated in a stunning location with views of British Columbia’s mountains and lake. Based on the historic Musqueam territory, the museum aspires to highlight the unique culture and traditions of Canada’s First Nations settlers. The museum’s galleries feature more than 10,000 items of international cultural significance.


    Nothing compares to taking a leisurely stroll around a great museum filled with artifacts and works of art that date back hundreds or even thousands of years. You may experience time travel, become wholly immersed in creation, or discover more about the cosmos in only a few short hours. Any of these museums are lovely destinations. Allow yourself and your elite travel companion to be enamored by the remarkable displays and vast collections.