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For anyone of sophistication seeking luxury in LA, it is never far away. And the same can be said for companionship. However actually finding truly high-end Los Angeles escorts can be difficult, and that's where Mynt Models® comes in. All that glamour and beauty can be meaningless if there is no substance behind it. A friendly nature, genuine heart and intelligence are important aspects for a model to possess, as well as significant natural beauty.


Luxury Los Angeles Companions for dinner dates in LA

Luxury Los Angeles companions for dinner dates

For luxury escorts and VIP introductions in Los Angeles, the Mynt Models® elite companions are the premium choice. With an exclusive membership to the company, you receive, among other benefits, a personal concierge service. You can be introduced to the potentially suitable elite singles, and enjoy private viewing of their portfolios. This allows you to gauge a sense of her nature and energy, before selecting a model you'd like to meet. This private consultation discloses the ladies' more guarded secrets, and ideally offers you some further comprehension of her nature. A model's private details allows you see a little more about what makes her special and unique. And that's the kind of escort Los Angeles offers; special and unique.


LA's elite VIP women for dating

Featuring the elite VIP women available for dating in Los Angeles / Manhattan


Confidentiality and an enchanting, exciting environment are always customary. Whether you seek a travel partner for a Malibu weekend, a wonderful week of relaxation in Calabasas, or a purely first class girlfriend experience (GFE) in Beverly Hills Hollywood, Shopping on Rodeo Drive in the city of Los Angeles - you will always be wonderfully attended to, as a considerate, polite and generous gentleman. Our GFE is unparalleled, and we look forward to showing you. If, like most of our callers, you avoid the 'trends', and prefer a fresh, natural beauty who is not only accomplished in her career, but largely unaffected by society and its increasingly bizarre fashions, Mynt Models® is your premium choice.


Premium companions in New York for city tours and sightseeing, dinner dates and travel

Premium travel companions in New York for city tours, events, sightseeing, and dinner dates.


Finding a warm, caring partner for dinner dates and special events in LA can be difficult. Of course it is, in a town where most people are focused on building a career for themselves. more so than almost any other city. Sadly also, in today's society, many women lose their soft femininity, playing hardball in a man's world. Business is certainly admirable, and building one's career is indeed encouraged. However the pressing drive that many women employ to achieve their goals can change them. And when both parties are in it for what they can get, there is no giving. Giving is essential in any exchange, least of all one involving a situation where one may feel vulnerable. At Mynt Models® you can be assured that we only work with warm, caring, authentic women, whose energy is pure and loving. They are genuinely beautiful company, and will make you glad you didn't compromise.


Meet VIP escort models for NY dinner dating

Meet VIP escort models for NY dinner dating.


Some of the Available High Class Los Angles Escorts:

  • Bernadette Bardot

    Bernadette Bardot

    Age: 22 yrs
    Measurements: 32" C gel enhanced, 24", 33" ( 81-61-84 )
    Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
    Weight: 50kg

  • Sewellyn Lombardi

    Sewellyn Lombardi

    Age: 23 yrs
    Measurements: 32" C gel enhanced, 24", 34" (81-61-86)
    Height: 5' 9" (175cm)
    Weight: 51kg

  • Cleo Marks

    Cleo Marks

    Age: 26 yrs
    Measurements: 34" C natural, 24", 34" (85-60-85)
    Height: 5' 9" (178cm)
    Weight: 51kg (112lb)

  • Freya Von Lille

    Freya Von Lille

    Age: 31 yrs
    Measurements: 32" B natural, 23", 32" (90 - 60 - 90)
    Height: 5' 8" (173cm)
    Weight: 50kg (114lb)

  • Naomi Crenshaw

    Naomi Crenshaw

    Age: 28 yrs
    Measurements: 34" C natural, 25", 35" (82 - 61 - 85)
    Height: 5' 9" (179cm)
    Weight: 58kg (135lb)

  • More Models

    More Models

    Contact Us To Be Introduced to Secret Unlisted Models Many of our models have sensitive careers and are concerned for their privacy. As such, we have many models with us who are available for direct introduction only. They are too concerned to even have details about their lives online, in case someone might recognize them…


Experience the Beauty and Magnificent Attractions of Los Angeles with Your Lovely Companion


Los Angeles Zoo

Visit the Los Angeles Zoo, if caged animals do not offend you.

Where are the top places to visit in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is world renowned as the place of the 'beautiful people'. With elegance, luxury and affluence abounding, the city and surrounding areas offer an unlimited abundance of beauty. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the beaches, designer shopping, and sensational social lifestyle. Especially those who are star-struck! Some of the must-see attractions of LA include:

  • Universal Studios, Hollywood
  • Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  • The Getty Center
  • Lovely Griffith Park
  • Disneyland, of course!
  • LA County Museum of Art
  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • The Hollywood Bowl
  • The Los Angeles Zoo
  • Madame Tussaud's Hollywood
  • Madam Tussauds
  • Natural History Museum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Dodger Stadium
  • Los Angeles City Hall
  • And many other theaters and museums
  • Beverly Wiltshire Hotel
  • Chateau Marmont Hotel
  • Sunset Marquis Hotel
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel


More Interesting Things To Do In LA

However you should also stay up to date with the latest things to do via the official Los Angeles website - This site can give you some great direction around all the latest restaurants, shows, and things to do, especially if you're new to the area. Book your hotel with one of the online booking systems, book your LA companion date with Mynt Models, and book your sight-seeing or entertainments. This will ensure you enjoy a sensational experience with LA memories! Seeking a Los Angeles tour guide or personal concierge service in LA? If you'd like some assistance when booking any of your needs, please feel free to enjoy our complimentary concierge support. For gentlemen booking a dinner date or weekend with a wonderful model companion, we can assist with hotel bookings, suggestions for shows, events, visits etc. We can also assist with your hotel reservations, as well as restaurant suggestions & reservations. We can provide as little or as much support as you request. As long as your experience is unforgettable and one you'll look forward to repeating!


Sites that can assist you when visiting Los Angeles or moving to LA: An essential guide for the affluent traveler:


This website showcases all the things Los Angeles locals enjoy doing. The cool places to go, things to see. Use their guide to the best Los Angeles attractions as a kind of a "must-do" list for discovering all the best restaurants & bars, the great activities that locals love, and the wonderful attractions & accommodations in the heart of LA



This local LA girl's blog page outlines the different neighborhoods and areas in Los Angeles, to help you decide what kind of atmosphere you like, and where you'd like to spend your time. It helps visitors to LA know what to visit, and what to do while you're there! Very helpful information, and beneficial for newcomers to town, or tourists. If you're planning a date or weekend with a gorgeous woman, this site will help you avoid areas that might be less interesting or comfortable.



If you're relocating to the City of Angels, this site will help you to navigate the LA business world. As a fascinating site on its own, this area of the Forbes site will give you a really good overview of current conditions in the city, as well as featuring regular relevant articles. A great site to visit regularly, until you're settled in and your finger is on the LA pulse!



The Conde Nast group offers excellent content, and is a great source for any savvy traveler. This search result page on their site is dedicated to articles about LA. You can find the finest Los Angeles restaurants, to the best bars to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere and cocktails. Whether you're a regular visitor to the city looking for something new, or a first time tourist or resident, looking for fantastic recommendations, this list of articles (and its subsequent list of places to see) will keep you well and truly in the loop when it comes to fine dining and lifestyle. Featuring some of the most exclusive, high end businesses in the country, CNTraveler is what many people depend upon for authentic and unbiased information about many travel-related issues. For Los Angeles restaurants, this guide will simplify it all until you become more familiar.



Good luck getting anywhere without money these days! If you are unfortunate enough to misplace your wallet, or leave your things at the hotel when you venture out, this list of banks will help you find the nearest branch of your bank quickly and efficiently. Click on the bank you want, and select the branch closest to you. Even if you have to ask someone 'where am I right now?' Don't be embarrassed about asking directions - though it might be safest to ask a shop rather than some random person on the street! Still, there are many signs around to show you were you are. Alternatively, you could call your bank if you have access to a phone, and ask them where your nearest branch is.


No more trawling through over-stuffed hotel booking sites, filtering out the 5 star options, then filtering out the suitable five star options from those. Grand Luxury Hotels offers ONLY luxury hotels in Los Angeles for you to select from. With lovely images, pricing and hotel information, this site will save you some serious time - and offer quite an enjoyable half hour or so, as you peruse all your options. All you need to do is assess the offerings, and select one! It's extremely simple, and the large beautiful images make it much easier to sense the feel of a hotel you may be considering. They also offer reviews of the hotels from former guests/ site visitors. This makes it extremely easy for you to select the best hotel for you during your stay in LA. Enjoy!





Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles




Have you heard the song lyrics "It never rains in California"? Well, almost never. So when you ask yourself 'What do I wear in Los Angeles?' The answer is inevitably 'Whatever you like!' The Climate in Los Angeles is generally fine. A sub-tropical city, it receives just enough rain to keep it from being a desert! Like any microclimate, snowfall is extremely rare, even in winter. Suffice it to say, you can pretty much enjoy the sunshine on almost any day of the year. If you are a sun-worshiper as opposed to a snuggle bunny for winter and rainy days, then LA is the place for you! Click here to find all the latest time and weather information you need right now. As for fashions, whether you're a fashion victim following trends, a beachy surfer type, or a snappy dresser with suit and tie. The worst problem you may have is whether to leave your jacket on or off. Bring the jacket, sling it over a chair when you don't need it! (Or for the ladies; short sleeves, bring a wrap!)



Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

The famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles


News and Up-To-The-Minute Updates


To stay up to date on all the latest city information, we recommend LA's answer to it's opposite coast news provider, the LA Times. For online viewing, as is the common thing, you'l find the Los Angeles Daily News a formidable source of information and updates. Of course you can also just search 'los angeles news' and the headlines will come streaming at you. But if you like to keep an app on your phone, or connect with a reputable news source, try these. You can view the Los Angeles Twitter updates right here:



Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles

Beautiful Rodeo Drive in LA for shopping and strolling





Los Angeles is a city of wheeling and dealing, but generally in the most professional manner. Full of movie deals, theater shows, fashion and luxury items, doing business in LA can be expensive but very lucrative! To find out more about opening a company in LA, the Small Business Administration could get you started. Lots of information about business, in general, all over the country! A lot of actresses are based in Los Angeles also, for the exposure to castings and agents, and for convenience of travel for their film careers. If you're interested in doing business in LA, or perhaps considering moving your office to California, there are many informative government sites that can assist you with details on business licenses, permits, payments and more. If you're interested in meeting one of the local models or actresses, or would love a travel companion to meet you in Los Angeles (or throughout California), simply contact us now.  We can introduce you to superb, educated beauties for dinner dates and city tours.



Disneyland in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Disneyland, California



The 5-star Hotels in Los Angeles are perfect for Meeting with Your Exclusive Date


The top hotels in LA are among some of the most spectacular establishments in the world, suited to the exacting standards of their regular VIP guests. Celebrity treatment is the standard. For VIP treatment, you're in the right place! What's your ideal style when it comes to Los Angeles hotels? Do you prefer an LA hotel with a view of the beach or Rodeo Drive? Or perhaps a hotel just outside LA with a quieter aspect. At the top of the list lies the wonderful Beverly Wilshire. A fixture of the Los Angeles landscape, and featured in too many well-known movies to mention, this is the hotel for those seeking the highest quality. To view other hotel options, visit Expedia and browse to your heart's desire. Or the Five Star Alliance may have something that suits your needs, they often list suitable choices. Trip Advisor also offers millions of personal reviews, which may assist you in making your hotel accommodation decision. Personal reviews can be extremely eye opening, especially since the entire business world now is over-marketing themselves to look enormously better than they actually are. We prefer to under-promise and over-deliver, but that's just us!

Just to whet your appetite, here's a video footage of Los Angeles's hotels, starting with the irreplaceable Beverly Wiltshire:



We couldn't carry on without mentioning the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is a luxurious five-star hotel located on Sunset Boulevard in downtown Beverly Hills, surrounded by 12 acres of lush, tropical gardens, beautiful flowers, and private walkways. Providing privacy and tranquility, The Beverly Hills Hotel is within easy access to the business and entertainment centers of Los Angeles, Century City, Rodeo Drive, and many of the Hollywood studios.


Los Angeles travel companions and elite introductions

Contact Mynt Models for Los Angeles travel companions and dinner dates.


Los Angeles Nightlife


Los Angeles EscortOne would assume the Los Angeles nightlife could be relatively tame, given the great amount of importance locals place on their health. From vegans and vegetarians, to whole-food and yoga, Pilates and weight lifting. Surely night time is for sleeping so you can be up at the crack of dawn to run on the beach. Right..? : )

However, on the contrary, while a large majority of people do live the healthy, peaceful mung bean life, there are plenty of people still looking for a good time after dark. And there's plenty to do besides eat and drink! While a lovely elegant dinner and cocktails at a funky bar may be a suitably enjoyable evening for some, if you feel like a little more excitement or a bit of a boogie on the dance floor, there are plenty of nightclubs available throughout Los Angeles for you to enjoy.

Whether you seek a wild nightclub or an elegant lounge, a live show or performance, it's all here after dark. Contact us for recommendations, or take a look online at some of the abovementioned city guides for more detailed advice on where to plan your after dinner activities.

So take your beautiful Mynt Models® date to a wonderful night on the LA town and enjoy the fabulous weather! Trip Advisor should also offer endless reviews on places you'd like further information about. You'll certainly not be short of adventure in Los Angeles!



More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the City of Angels, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you'll ever need. Contact us at +1 (213) 406 7611. Please keep in mind that time zones vary, and the office is not always attended, so email is always faster. Almost 24/7. : )  Visit our escorts available in Miami! too, if you travel. Also, if you travel frequently or feel like a little variety, visit our escorts available in New York! The NY escorts are able to visit you in LA too, or anywhere in the world. (Subject to availability to course)


Dating in LA is easy with Mynt Models luxury VIP companions

Dating in LA is easy with Mynt Models luxury VIP companions


Map of Los Angeles, CA


Elegant, educated dinner escorts in LA

Elegant, educated dinner escorts in LA



Los Angeles Blog