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The city of Groningen is located in the province named after it. As the capital and the largest city of the said province, the city is full of historic buildings that make this place amazing and unique. It is considered a university city because it houses two of the largest universities in terms of population throughout the country. In the past, Groningen was a very important and influential trade center that the settlers built a wall to signify its authority. Although the city was heavily affected during the Second World War, the city hall and their church was remarkably kept unaffected and intact.

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Groningen Street

Groningen has a very rich history dating as far back as 1040. The city is well-known for being perfect for bike exploration. This is why it gained the title “World Cycling City”. Experience the beauty and natural sights of the Martini Church. The building was built in the 1300s and was later rebuilt in the 15th century. Visit the Groningen Museum and revel on the beautiful and highly valuable artifacts, art and other collections. Discovery beautiful Chinese porcelains and wonderful works of art by international artists. There are so many attractions in this city that are just waiting for you.

  • Martinitoren
  • Groninger Museum
  • Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen
  • Noorderplantsoen
  • Martinikerk
  • Prinsenhof Gardens
  • Infoversum
  • Galerie MooiMan
  • Hortus Haren
  • Galerie Den Andel
  • Bell Foundry Museum (Klokkengieterijmuseum)
Groningen City
Groningen City, Netherlands
Fort Bourtange in Groningen, Netherlands

The city enjoys a climate like the rest of Netherlands. The winters are a little colder. This means that the temperature is cool on the average although sometimes frost spells also happen. On the other hand, summers are just mild and warm. To view the most recent weather forecast in Groningen, please click here.

Martinikerk & Martinitoren, Groningen

Stay updated during your stay in Groningen. Do not let the days slip away without getting the latest news and current events. Groningen’s newspaper is the De Telegraf. Metro is also printing and is distributed for free.

Infoversum in Groningen

Reitdiephaven Groningen

Groningen is a wealthy city with many employees working under the private and public sectors. The city has long been a manufacturer of sugar with its two large refineries. This was even strengthened more with one sugar mill and refinery being swallowed into the city when it expanded. However, the refineries were shut down in 2009 leaving only one in the city. Even so, Groningen has numerous companies that keep the city prosperous. There tobacco companies, health insurance companies and huge natural gas companies. If you are planning to engage in business within the city, visit the city hall as soon as possible to know the details regarding permits. You can also check on your country’s embassy for assistance.

Prinsenh of Gardens in Groningen

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Although 5 star hotels are not available, there are numerous world class 4 star hotels all over the city that are all capable of providing superior accommodation to their guests. One of the best 4 star hotels in the city is the NH Groningen Hotel de Ville. It is located in the most beautiful street in the city and it offers superb suites and services. can assist you further if you want to have other hotel options.

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NH Groningen

Groningen Nightlife

Groningen Elite Escort CompanionKnown throughout the country as the Metropolis of the North, the city plays a prominently vital role as the primary urban center in this part of the Netherlands. It has a dynamic culture and a diverse music and night scene. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your Mynt Models® date at Jazzcafe de Speighel in Groningen City. Trip Advisor should also be able to offer many reviews on places you’d like to have additional information about.

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For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Almere!

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