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Situated at the confluence of Gender and Dommel streams, Eindhoven is a city of beauty, fine structure, and rich historic heritage. The city has a diverse culture starting its roots in the thirteenth century. Given grant to have a weekly market in the early times, the community of 170 houses became a bustling and wonderful city that is Eindhoven today.

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Enjoy Escorting Models Eindhoven, with the City’s Beautiful Attractions
Marken Lighthouse in Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven possesses grand architectural designs that are from the past such as the Sint-Catharinakerk and Temple des Augustins. Indulge in the works of art and the wonder of the city through museums such as the DAF Museum where you feed your enthusiasm on cars and trucks. Tour the city and visit spectacular spots and natural attractions within and around the city. You can never satiate your thirst for adventure in Eindhoven because there are just too many wonderful places to see.

  • Van Abbemuseum
  • Evolution
  • Genneper Parken
  • Dutch Design Week
  • Effenaar
  • Lichtjesroute
  • Stadswandelpark
  • Inkijkmuseum
  • DAF Museum
  • Philips Museum
  • Sint-Catharinakerk
  • PSV Museum
  • Temple des Augustins
  • Van Abbe Museum
  • De Tongelreep Swimming Paradise
  • Falconcrest Roofvogelpark
Eindhoven, The City of Lights
Eindhoven, The City of Lights

The city experiences mild humid climate. This means that Eindhoven does not experience dry season! The city has warm and pleasant summers. Cold season starts in November and lasts up to March. For a more detailed weather forecast in the city, this site will provide you with information.

Eindhoven Museum

Stay updated with the news and current events even if you are in Eindhoven with the local daily newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad. For English news, you can access the internet and visit Eindhovennews.nl.

Effenaar in Eindhoven

Eindhoven as grown since from just a little town to one of the largest city in all of Netherlands. This much growth is mainly due to the DAF Trucks, Brabantia and Philps. The city has long been a center for industry and research institutes. Because of Eindhoven’s high-tech environment, the city is an integral part of many initiatives to develop. Due to the results the efforts of the city has gone, Eindhoven has been named as one of the top 21 Most Intelligent Community. If you want to start your business in the city, visit the city hall to get the information regarding what permits to acquire in order to start your plans.

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

The Best 5-star Hotels in Eindhoven
Evoluon in Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven has yet to have a 5-star hotels. However, it is not a problem as there are plenty of premium 4-star hotels that offer world class accommodations to each of their guests. Rest assures, you are going to have the best time and relaxation during your stay in one of the hotels in the city. The Holiday Inn Eindhoven is one of the 4-star hotels and it offers top class amenities, 24 hour service and restaurant to satiate your hunger every meal time. The Hotel Pullman is another 4-star hotel that offers superior suite rooms, a wonderful pool to dip your tired self in and restaurants and bar to satiate your hunger or thirst. Eindhoven is sure to be one of the places you wouldn’t want to forget.

Just to whet your appetite, here is some footage of the world’s Most LUXURIOUS HOTEL.

Hotel of Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne

Eindhoven Nightlife

Elite Eindhoven Escort Eindhoven is a bustling city with a unique night scene. There are several bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants that you can go after office hours in the city to enjoy your night away. For a taste of great beer, head on to the De Bierprofessor and enjoy lively music while sipping cold beers in their bar. Have a sumptuous dinner with your companion and bring your Mynt Models® date to a night of wonderful music, lively ambiance and a night of dancing at M2 in Eindhoven City.

Trip Advisor offers plenty of reviews for other places you want more information about.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Tilburg!

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