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Leuven is home to some of the most beautiful and well-preserved historical buildings. This lovely city is also home to some 25,000 being a center of education and research. With a city this size, it will take you less than a day to visit the major attractions. But the magnificence behind it will keep you here for days.

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Visit the Top Destinations in Leuven with Your Gorgeous Girlfriend Companion
Great Market Square in Leuven

The city center is where the main attractions of Leuven are, and it’s small enough to explore in a day. But around the city, you will find some of the world’s most beautiful architecture. The Leuven Town Hall boasts a genuine Gothic style. The number of churches in the city also have unique designs of Romanesque and Baroque styles. Be amazed with the sights of the city by visiting the places on this list:

  • Town Hall (Stadhuis)
  • Groot Begijnhof
  • University Library & Bell Tower
  • Botanical Garden Kruidtuin
  • Old Market Square (Oude Markt)
  • Great Market Square (Grote Markt)
  • Saint Peter’s Church (Sint-Pieterskerk)
  • De Bibliotheektoren
  • M – Museum Leuven
  • Arenberg Castle
  • Provinciaal Domein Kessel-Lo
  • Father Damien’s Crypt
  • Leuven Train Station
  • Vlierbeek Abbey
  • Tweebronnen City Library
  • Pope College
  • STUK Kunstencentrum
  • Sint-Donatuspark
Leisure in Leuven
Leisure in Leuven
Botanical Garden Kruidtuin in Leuven

The maritime climate of Leuven brings a lot of rain to the city. Because of this, people would definitely grab every opportunity to explore the city on a good sunny day. Click here and learn more about Leuven’s weather.

University Library & Bell Tower in Leuven

KU Leuven is a local newspaper of the city Leuven. This broadsheet delivers unparalleled news to people and will be your main source of information.

Saint Peter's Church in Leuven

The city is home to Anheuser-Busch InBev, a multinational brewing company and currently the world’s largest brewer. By how big, it owns 25% if the entire global market share and brewery. There are also a good number of research companies in Leuven including biotech and ICT companies. The number of consumers, in particular students, opens up a good opportunity to start a business in the city. Visit your local embassy and learn more about how to start your own business.

Town Hall (Stadhuis) in Leuven

Groot Begijnhof in Leuven

The Best 5-star Hotels in Leuven
B&B Rêve de Luxe in Leuven

The tourists in Leuven will always find comfort in the city’s 4 star and 5 star hotels. Among these, the Inn Reve de Luxe is one of the luxury hotels in the city and will definitely suffice your hotel needs.

Found out more of the city’s 4 star and 3 star hotels by checking Trip Advisor. They should have good reviews about the city’s best places to stay.

Leuven Nightlife
Elite Leuven Escort
Leuven Escort

As a university city, the students residing in Leuven will always look for a fun nightlife regardless if it’s on a weekend or in the middle of the week. And because of the number of tourists, students and patrons alike, countless bars and cafes have opened in Leuven to accommodate them. You won’t need to go far as the hottest spots in the city are found in the city center.

Know more about these places when you check the reviews of Trip Advisor and other travel guides.

More Information & Directions

For more detailed information about the city, view the definitive Wiki page here, with all the up-to-date details you’ll ever need. Visit our escorts available in Mons!

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