Olivia Molina


Vital Statistics

Age: 28

Height: 5’10”

Physique: 32B, 24, 35


This well-travelled, beautiful model with the stunning smile is also an international chef! Her talent for delighting the senses is put to good use in her career! Born and educated in New York, she has exotic Peruvian ancestry, and dreams of opening her own delicious bakery someday.

From a very close family, she learned about cooking at a young age from her parents’ restaurants. Helping out in the kitchen gave her a passion for food and flavors. She loves Italian and French cuisines especially. She finds cooking a wonderfully sensual creative outlet.

Meanwhile she was modeling from a young age, and enjoyed a well rounded education and ladies’ college. Her modeling was purposely kept part time so she could pursue her education.

She studied at university and has a degree in Environmental Science. She then studied the culinary arts in Peru, where the family still has relatives. She visited South America often with her family as she grew up, while being exposed to more refinement in New York City.

Olivia appreciates authenticity and kindness, those with genuine humility and warmth. She appreciates eco-friendly companies and designers also, as a conscientious human. She prefers quality over quantity.

Olivia continued to accept modeling work, and is still signed with some big agencies. She took on private chef work as a hobby and it has grown into an international success. This kitchen courtesan now cooks for elite dinner parties and such.

Now based in Miami, she still travels frequently to cook for VIPs. Her well-bred poise has made her a favorite in kitchens internationally, where kindness is often in short supply!

With her warm, passionate nature and cheerful disposition, Olivia’s company is a delight. She possesses the Latin fire, but is always respectful and polite. She was raised in a very well-to-do environment, and has been exposed to the finer things.

She’s a wonderful listener, and an interesting conversationalist with positive, forward-thinking views. Loyal and authentic, her femininity and elegance is not forced or pretentious. She of course loves food, and loves fine dining. It’s interesting to her as a chef, to analyze the flavors and presentation.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, Olivia works out regularly with running and yoga. That explains her beautifully toned physique. Enjoying skiing and all manner of winter sports, she’s also a good swimmer. She knows a bit about wines, and likes true classical music, but enjoys the passion of Beethoven.

Olivia just loves to have fun and enjoy life. She’s interested in meeting equally vital people to share beautiful memories. Fun loving and sociable, Olivia enjoys meeting special people and connecting mentally as well. She loves new experiences and immerses herself in new topics to full experience things.

Always polite and calm, She makes an enjoyable travel companion, and is a truly caring, adorable young woman. Contact us today to arrange an invitation for this lovely Sweetheart.

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