Why The Hague Is A Great Place To Visit With Your Elite Escort Date

Elite escort service in The Hague for high class travel companionsThe Hague is the third biggest city in the Netherlands and the nation’s political center. Like other busy cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, the city is situated inside a thickly urbanized territory called de Randstad and is in this manner effortlessly accessible from most parts of North or South Holland. If you and your elite escort companion escort are staying in the Hague, you can easily visit other places in the Netherlands, either by private car, train, or by plane.

Other than easy access to the rest of the Netherlands, here are some other reasons why it would be a great idea to visit the Hague with your elite travel companion escort:



  1. Lively Music celebrations


A few music celebrations occur in the Hague consistently. You and your elite companion can choose between two avant-garde, electronically-orientated celebrations: Rewire and TodaysArt. These festivals dependably book an amazing number of cutting-edge musicians, producers, and bands.


  1. Shopping


The Hague’s focal shopping area floats around the city’s Bijenkorf retail establishment, which is housed inside an especially excellent Amsterdamse School building. Numerous other universal brand stores are situated inside strolling distance from this great building including Marks and Spencers, River Island, and Monki. Whether you and your elite companion escort are in the mood for some high-end luxury shopping or you want to go bargain hunting, there is something for you in the Hague.


  1. Beaches


During the summer months, armies of Dutch individuals run to the Hague’s waterfront regions, for example, Scheveningen or Kijkduin. These coastline resorts are staples of Dutch summertime and highlight numerous magnificent attractions including a tremendous recreation dock, brilliant sands, and traditional fish merchants. You and your elite companion should visit the beaches in the Hague because it offers a different experience from tropical beaches, with the water being significantly colder.


  1. Maurithuis


Mauritshuis in the Hague has housed the Royal Cabinet of Paintings since 1822 and as of now shows numerous important artworks from the seventeenth century, such as Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. The building itself is an outright perfect work of art and was worked by the renowned architect Jacob van Campen, who additionally planned Amsterdam’s Royal Palace. You and your elite companion escort can hire a private guide so that you can get a tour of the museum, and learn the history of the different artworks.


  1. Madurodam


This enchanting miniature park highlights several scale models that impeccably reproduce numerous renowned Dutch tourist spots and urban communities. The recreation center works as a non-benefit association and hence gives its returns to philanthropy. Yes, it’s a place where you and your elite companion can have fun pretending to be giants, and gain some good karma points at the same time!


  1. The Escher Museum


M.C. Escher was among the most celebrated and persuasive architects from the most recent century and made several one of a kind pieces that were roused by scientific ideas like endlessness, impossible objects, and tessellation. If you’re a fan of great design and art, visit the Escher museum with your elite companion. There are huge numbers of his well-known woodcuts, illustrations, and lithographs are in plain view in the Hague at the Escher Museum.


  1. The Binnenhof


The Binnenhof is the most established surviving House of Parliament on the planet and has gone on as the political focal point of the Netherlands for more than 400 years. Numerous parts of the complex were assembled well before parliament was built up in the Netherlands and go back to the late medieval period. Today, it still stands as a political institution, and you and your elite companion escort can see some of the Netherland’s political gears turning here.


  1. Peace Palace


A few critical lawful associations dwell inside The Hague’s Peace Palace and the building contains the International Court of Justice. You and your elite companion escort can take guided visits through the castle, especially during the weekends.


  1. Gemeentemuseum


The Hague’s Gemeentemusuem was planned by praised pioneer modeler H.P. Berlage whose work additionally incorporates Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. This brilliant historical center essentially gathers present day works of art and has the biggest Mondriaan accumulation on the planet. The Hague is known to have some of the biggest and most unique museums in the world, and the Gemeentemuseum definitely belongs on that list. If you visit the Hague during the winter months, you and your elite companion can take shelter from the cold by visiting the various museums around the city.


  1. Haagse Market


The Hague’s regular outside market happens four times each week and frequently pulls in around 35,000 individuals through the span of one day. This enchanting, multicultural market includes more than 500 stalls that offer a gigantic scope of sustenance, apparel, and flowers. During the summer and spring months, this is one of the most popular tings to do during relaxed and sunny days.


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