Why Lucerne Is A Great Place to Visit With Your Elite Escort Companion

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    Publish on January 29, 2019

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    Elite escort Lucerne service, VIP travel companion agencyLucerne is known as the pocket-sized variant of Switzerland. History, culture, and awesome views meet up in an ideal mix that will make you want to extend your stay in the city with your elite companion escort. Indeed, if you don’t have the time (or patience) to visit the larger cities in Switzerland such as Zurich or Geneva, Lucerne is a good alternative to still experience the culture, without the hustle and bustle.

    Here are some of the best reasons why you and your elite companion should visit Lucerne:


    1. Lake Lucerne


    Switzerland’s fourth biggest lake is one not to be missed. Its setting is breath-taking, with the highest points of the close-by mountains shining with snow lasting through the year and the lake’s fjord-like shores giving a more Scandinavian feel than Swiss. You and your elite companion can take it all in by renting one of the paddle boats around the lake (which is the historical way of exploring it), or visit the water’s edge by walking around it.


    1. Culture and Convention Center


    Lucerne’s Culture and Convention Center (the KKL Luzern) is world-class concert hall, art center, and all-around architectural curiosity. You and your elite companion can take in a show in one of the nation’s best concert halls and admire one of the most amazing art collections in Central Switzerland in one visit.


    1. The city’s interesting history


    Lucerne has an inquisitive history as it’s still discussed when the city was really established. A few sources say the beginning of the settlement goes back to 840 AD, while others say the city was conceived significantly later around 1178. The most ideal approach to dig into the city’s history is with a guided tour (yes, you can book a private tour for just you and your elite companion escort) through the nearby history historical center, housed in the old city armory.


    1. Museggmauer


    The Museggmauer and its nine towers are a symbol of Lucerne, going back to the fourteenth century. They make up the remainders of the old wall that encompassed the city, shielding it against would be assailants. Four of the towers are available to people in general and you can look out of the ramparts at the city underneath. You and your elite companion escort can visit the Museggmauer during the late afternoon, so that you can see the amazing views of the city at sunset.


    1. Kapellbrücke


    The Chapel Bridge is Lucerne’s most famous site. It’s an old wooden footbridge, the most seasoned of its kind in Europe, with various ornamental works of art up and down its inside. Go for a walk along and appreciate the fine art inside, sit on the dividers of the waterway, and look as the bridge illuminates during the evening, when the Kapellbrücke is at its most beautiful.


    1. Mount Pilatus


    For the best all-encompassing perspectives of Lucerne and the surrounding countryside, you and your elite companion escort need to scale close-by Mount Pilatus (or you can simply take a gondola and cable car, if you just want to relax and enjoy the view comfortably). The mountain is saturated with history, some of it fairly fantastical, as it is said there was a dragon who roamed the mountain in the Middle Ages.


    1. Lion of Lucerne


    As a reminder of one of the most incredible catastrophes of the district, the renowned Lion of Lucerne in its final breaths is an unquestionable bucket list destination in Lucerne. Amid the French Revolution, many Swiss mercenaries battling for Louis XVI were slaughtered. Today, the Lion landmark was created to recognize these individuals. It is a great and moving landmark, and has turned out to be one of the city’s best vacation destinations.


    1. Gotthard Panorama Express


    The Gotthard Panorama Express is an adventure that begins off from Lucerne and takes you and your elite companion by train and boat to Bellinzona, in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland’s Mediterranean heart. First, you will ride a paddle steamer to Flüelen on Lake Lucerne, with astonishing perspectives of Mount Pilatus and Rigi. The rest of the journey is via train as you twist through valleys and gain elevation to a most extreme of 1141 meters, going through the Alps by the Gotthard burrow until the point when you at long last touch base in calm Bellinzona.


    1. Swiss Museum of Transport


    The Swiss Museum of Transport is a standout amongst other historical centers in the nation. It follows the tale of a wide range of transport over land, ocean, and in space. It’s an exceedingly intuitive affair that is likewise extraordinary for children. One of the features is the gigantic Planetarium where you and your elite companion can kick back and watch the stars whizz by.


    1. Luzerner Fasnacht


    At Lucerne’s yearly celebration you and your elite companion can experience a few days of wild and colorful fun. Music players, called “Guggenmusigen”, play out tunes as marchers with wild and wacky veils march through the roads. The predominant figures of this celebration are elderly person Fritschi, his wife, and kid. This odd trio set the tone by riding through the roads on a buoy on purported Dirty Thursday, commencing the merriments that assume control of nearly the whole city for the following couple of days.