Milla Matthieu


Vital Statistics

Age: 27

Height 5’7” (169cm)

Measurements: 32”DD, 25”, 34”


This gorgeous, energetic French beauty is a charming, elegant sweetheart. Her kind nature and friendly warmth make her an endearing first-time companion. She’s well educated, well traveled, and thoroughly enjoys traveling at every opportunity.

With Brazilian and Swiss blood, she was born and raised in Paris, and speaks 5 languages. Milla is flawless all over; her smooth olive skin is irresistible, not to mention her gorgeous almond eyes. One could get lost in those bedroom eyes over dinner. Confident yet always polite, she has fantastic legs and is very fit.

With a calm, relaxing nature and gracious manner, she’s always eager to please and keep everyone around her comfortable and happy. She’s loving and caring; a perfect angel.

Highly suited to the hedonist gentleman who enjoys curves, Milla will keep up with you, whether sight seeing all day, or talking all night. Contact us now to meet this stunning beauty.

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