Angelina Cardin


Vital Statistics

Age: 24

Height: 5’8”

Physique: 32B (natural), 24, 33


Mature-minded Angelina is an adorable and beautiful model and businesswoman. Well educated and intelligent, her elegance, class, femininity and articulation will instantly show you the quality with which you’re dealing.

With Belarusian heritage, this American blue-eyed blonde is an absolute delight. Slender, cultured yet warm and personable, you can expect the exquisite standard for which we’re world renowned.

Angelina respects kindness and positive energy. As a kind and cheerful sophisticate herself, she emits a beautiful energy which speaks of calm stability and noble loyalty. Her natural, earthy quality is highly reassuring, and her tasteful glamor is highly appealing!

A wonderful conversationalist, Angelina can speak on all manner of topics. She thoroughly enjoys the arts (especially the classics), and is very active and outdoorsy, excelling in professional tennis, weights, pilates, skiing, snow boarding, running and horse riding.

A no-nonsense beauty with a charming, and sometimes dry sense of humor, you’ll have no trouble finding Angelina entirely intoxicating and enchanting. Contact us now to invite this incredible young woman to dinner.

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